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How do I get Local Co-op rewards?
When you play Local Co-op, you will get an extra Local Co-op Clear Bonus after clearing a quest! Play with friends and earn more loot!
Can I rejoin the same group midway if my connection is lost?

Once your connection is lost, you will have to wait until your group completes the stage or gets a Game Over and closes the connection normally.

Unfortunately, once the connection is broken, there is no way for you to claim items the group obtained during play.

Why does gold and treasure show up on-screen while playing co-op?
When you land combos or do a certain amount of damage to foes while playing with friends, damage treasures appear in the field. Swipe and pick them up within the time limit to get your hands on cool prizes!
Why can't I find my friends in Local Co-op even though they're right next to me?

First, make sure all nearby friends are connected to the Internet. Additionally, depending on your OS, try the following steps.

If You Are Using iOS...
Make sure Location Services are turned on for your device. Also, make sure that you have entered the same Passcode.

If You Are Using Android...
Make sure Location Services are turned on for your device and enable GPS features. Open your device's Settings and change the Location Services setting to ON. Also, keep in mind that even after obtaining Location Services info, the host cannot find other players until actually entering the recruitment phase.

How do I set a Passcode?

You can set a Passcode (or enter someone else's) on the Team Select screen when hosting or joining a Co-op game.

Note: You can only set one passcode at a time, so please change it as needed.

Why do I keep losing my co-op connection?

If you press the Home button, check a Push Notification from another app, switch between networks, or perform any other action that interrupts the Monster Strike app, you will lose your connection.

Please refrain from closing or switching out of the app until a quest is finished.

How do I set up Location Services?

When using Android:
Go to your device's Settings, display the Location Services entry, and make sure Access Location is enabled. It is also recommended you enable GPS functionality.

When using iOS:
Go to your device's Settings, then Privacy. Make sure Location Services is turned on, then ensure that the Monster Strike entry below that is also turned on.


Are there any quests designed specifically for Co-op?
Yes! There are some quests you can only play in Co-op.
How can I heal and power up during battle?
Various items will appear in the field to help you. Hearts, for example, will restore HP. If you leave these items untouched for a while, they will gradually evolve and increase in effect.
Can I continue if I lose?

If your HP drops to 0 during a quest, you can spend 1 orb to continue. During Co-op play, all players can be revived if Player 1 spends a single orb. Note: If Player 1 has no orbs, you won't be able to continue a Co-op game.

Continuing comes with lots of benefits. Your HP is fully recovered, all negative statuses are removed, your elapsed turn count returns to 0, and all monsters' Strike Shots are charged for immediate use!

What is stamina for?
To take on quests, you need to spend a set amount of stamina for each stage. Stamina recovers over time, but you can also spend 1 Orb to fully recover your stamina immediately.
Do I always need stamina?
When joining another host's quests in Co-op, you are not required to spend any of your own stamina to play. By taking turns being the host with your friends, you can minimize stamina depletion and take on more quests.
Why can't I quest? It says my Monster Box is full.
You are not allowed to keep more monsters than the current size of your Monster Box. When you get more monsters than you can keep, you are prompted to either fuse or sell them, or expand your Monster Box's capacity to get back within the limit.
Why haven't the monsters and items I got during my quest shown up in my boxes?
Depending on the server, there may be delays in reflecting changes to your Monster Box. Sometimes you can rectify the problem by tapping the gear on the Home screen, then tap the Title Screen button to refresh your game. Please give that a try and see if it helps.
What's a First Clear bonus?

First Clear bonuses are special bonuses you receive for "sweeping" a single quest.

In Monster Strike, quests are made up of multiple stages. When you complete all the stages in a quest, that's known as "sweeping" the quest.

Event Quests
Just because you can beat quests on Savage and Extreme doesn't mean you should ignore the Easy and Normal difficulty stages. There may not be many item drops, but think of it this way: you get to basically destroy all those weaklings in a single stroke and shout, "OWNED!" at the top of your lungs. Oh, and you can also get those precious First Clear bonuses for sweeping the quest.

Note: Please try not to disturb those around you while shouting.


I accidentally sold my monster! What do I do?

Fear not, just tap on Monsters, then Buyback Monsters! A Buyback feature is available in game when you accidentally sell a monster. You’ll be able to buyback previously sold 4★ and above monsters, excluding Expie, Pennyback, and Morling types. The level, hyper boost status and luck of a bought back monster will be the same as when it was sold, however, any attached Ableberries will be lost.

Note: The Buyback list can only hold up to 50 monsters, so make sure to buyback wrongly sold monsters quickly!

How do Evolution and Ascension work?

Evolving Your Monsters
Many - but not all - monsters can be evolved into stronger versions with better abilities!

To Evolve a monster:
1) Select the "Monsters" button from the main screen.
2) Tap the "Evolve/Ascend" button.
3) Tap the monster you want to evolve.
4) If you have enough catalyst materials and your monster's level is MAX, you'll be able to tap the "Evolve" button to complete the evolution!

Ascending Your Monsters
Some monsters can be fused with specific other monsters to Ascend to their ultimate form!

To Ascend a monster:
1) Select the "Monsters" button from the main menu.
2) Tap the "Evolve/Ascend" button.
3) Select the monster you want to Ascend. If the monster has an Ascended form, you will be able to scroll the screen to the right to reveal the Ascension requirements.
4) If you have the required material monsters, you'll be able to tap the "Ascend" button to complete the Ascension!

What are Gauge Shots?

Some monsters have a special ability called a "Gauge Shot." When you tap and pull on a monster with the Gauge Shot ability, a bar will appear on-screen that quickly fills and empties.

Release your Gauge Shot-equipped monster when the bar is full to trigger the monster's Gauge Shot ability. Releasing on a full bar will also boost your monster's attack power for that shot!

*There is no penalty for "failing" a Gauge Shot, but you will only receive Gauge Shot bonuses for releasing at the right time.

How do I use a Sync Strike?

Sync Strikes are super powerful, last resort special moves that only certain monsters can initiate - and only under specific circumstances.

Here's how to trigger a Sync Strike:

1) The monster with a Sync Strike ability must be assigned as your team's main monster.
2) A partner monster (one of your helper or a friend's monster) is required for the Sync Strike and must be ready to perform a Strike Shot.
3) Your team's HP must be below 33% of your total HP.
4) Additionally, if in Co-op mode, your teammates have the option of rejecting your Sync Strike request!

When are my monsters' increased stats transferred?

Increased stats (otherwise known as + stats, or hyperboosting) are transferred in the following situations:

· When a monster is fused to the same monster
· When monsters in the same evolution chain are fused
· When a monster is evolved

The following stats are transferred: Luck, Attack, Speed, HP.

Are there any special monsters I can use to increase certain stats?

Just leveling up your monsters will increase their stats, but if you want to target a specific stat, try using variations of the following monsters as Fusion materials:

· Mormite (Increases Attack)
· Morquik (Increases Speed)
· Morlyfe (Increases HP)

What's a Bump Combo?
Bump Combos are abilities that trigger when monsters are "bumped," or touched, by another monster on your team. Just like with Strike Shots, Bump Combos vary from monster to monster. Bump Combos are the key to landing massive combos on enemies!
What's a Strike Shot?
Strike Shots are your monsters' unique special moves. After a set number of turns has elapsed, your monster's portrait at the bottom of the battle screen will change. Touch this portrait panel to change your regular shot into a Strike Shot. Some monsters have unbelievably powerful Strike Shots you really need to see for yourself!
I want to evolve my monster, but I need catalysts. What are they?
Catalysts are special items called Stoans and Sharls that are used to evolve your monsters. You can find them by questing, or through the revolving daily evolution material quests.
Why can't I evolve my monster?
A monster's level needs to be at MAX before you can evolve it. You also need to make sure you have the necessary catalysts for evolution. The required catalysts can be found on the Evolve/Ascend screen after choosing the monster you want to evolve.
What does the green four-leaf clover symbol next to each monster mean?
The four-leaf clover and associated number next to each monster indicates its Luck, which can range from 1 to 99 (MAX). Increase your monsters' Luck to increase your odds of getting rare drops during play!
How do I increase Luck?

To increase your monster's Luck, fuse it with one of the following:

· The same monster as the base monster
· A "relative" of the base monster (its form before evolving/ascending, or a later Evolution/Ascension of that monster)

What do the yellow stars (★) assigned to each monster mean?
The stars near a monster's name indicate its rarity, which ranges from ★ to ★★★★★★. The higher the number of stars, the more rare the monster is. See if you can get your hands on some of the more elusive monsters!
How do I make my monsters stronger?

Monsters gain EXP when you fuse them with other monsters. Once a monster gains enough EXP, it will level up and get stronger. There are also certain types of monsters that bestow a ton of EXP when fused.

Additionally, some monsters can evolve once their level has reached MAX. Keep fusing and evolving, and before you know it, your favorite monsters will be unstoppable!


Why haven't I received the orbs I purchased?

Sometimes it takes time for a purchase to be reflected in your data.

If you're concerned, try restarting the Monster Strike app.
(How to do this depends on the OS you are using.)

If the problem persists and you still haven't received your orbs, please contact Customer Support.

Will I ever be charged without knowing it?
You will never be charged for anything unless you willingly purchase orbs at the Shop. Simply playing the game is free, so have fun and enjoy!
Do orbs expire?

No, orbs have no expiration date. Use them whenever you feel like it.

However, orbs cannot be transferred to other players.

How do I purchase orbs?

You can purchase orbs from the Shop right within the app. How you pay depends on the device you are using.

Android Devices:
You pay through Google Play. Use a credit card, Google Play gift card, or other payment method supported by Google Play.

iOS Devices (like the iPhone or the iPad):
You pay through the iTunes Store. Use a credit card, iTunes Card, or other payment method supported by the iTunes Store.


How does the Friend Hatcher work?
You can use the Friend Hatcher by spending 100 friend points. Friend points can be earned by playing Co-op, as part of your daily login bonus, or by being selected as a helper by another user.
How does the Premium Hatcher work?
You can use the Premium Hatcher by spending 5 orbs.

Ableberries/Temple of Heroes

What is the Temple of Heroes?

It is a new quest area which was recently discovered. The Temple is a hotbed for monsters, so only Strikers ranked 50 and above can enter it.

Clear the stages in the quest to get some Ableberries! Quest with your friends to obtain new powers!

What's an Ableberry?

Ableberries are special items that allow you to customize monsters with Badges of Honor.

You can get Ableberries by entering the Temple of Heroes. Monsters that eat these legendary fruits can gain a variety of awesome powers!

Note: A monster can only have one Ableberry ability at a time. Eating an Ableberry will replace a monster's previous power.

How do I know which monsters can eat Ableberries?

Only monsters with Badges of Honor can eat Ableberries! If your monster doesn't have a badge, they'll be unable to eat Ableberries.

Note: Badges of Honor need to be claimed. Please make sure to tap the Claim Badges button each time you get new monsters. The button will be displayed only when you have monsters capable of getting a badge.

Why doesn't the Claim Badges button appear?

You have to fulfill the following conditions for the Claim Badges button to appear:

1) Be Rank 50 or above.
2) Have monsters capable of using Badges of Honor that haven't claimed their badges yet.

Where are the Ableberries I got?
Ableberries cannot be saved. You must feed your monster Ableberries you obtained during your quest, or trade them in for other rewards.
Can I get rid of my Ableberry powers?
Ableberry powers stay forever, but you can override a power by eating a new Ableberry. It's as simple as that!

Backing Up Play Data

Do you ever delete play data?

The Monster Strike team periodically deletes play data that has not been used in a long time.

The vast volume of play data from the game's many customers places a tremendous burden on the server and ultimately detracts from the stability of the service. For that reason, we periodically delete play data that meets the following conditions:

Conditions for Deletion (All Must Be Met)
1. Three months have passed since your last login
2. You have only played the Tutorial stage.
3. We have never processed a purchase from you, or no purchase was made successfully.

If your play data meets all these conditions, it is at risk for deletion.

Note: Running the app is not enough; you need to connect to the server to avoid deletion. Because of this, even if you start the app and take on a Quest, if you leave that Quest unfinished for more than three months, you will still be marked for deletion. Also, please be aware that backing up your play data does not exempt it from these rules.

Once play data has been deleted, there is no way to recover it.

What kinds of things will I find in my Inbox?

You should check your Gift Box for important updates and gifts from the Management Team. Please note that the "Lock" feature only protects messages from being deleted on your side.

Depending on the content and situation, messages in your Gift Box may be deleted automatically after a certain amount of time.

Unread Notices
These will be marked for deletion three (3) months from the day you receive them.

Read Notices
These will be marked for deletion one (1) month from the day you claim them.

Note: Important messages from the Management Team that have no Claim button to press will be marked for deletion after three (3) months pass.

How do I save my play data?

■ Making Backups Using Your XFLAG ID

【Backing Up Data with XFLAG ID】

- To back up data to your XFLAG ID, you’ll need an XFLAG ID account.

① In the app, go to Home → Other → Back Up Play Data → Back Up Via XFLAG ID




② Log in to the XFLAG ID account where you want to save your data, or create a new XFLAG ID account. When it asks you to sync your XFLAG ID and MS account, tap Yes.




*This is where you can create a new XFLAG ID account. Don’t forget, you still have to back up your data after creating a new account!


③ When the backup is complete, the screen will display information you’ll need to transfer your data to another device. Be careful with this information and don’t show it to anyone else.
*Even if you’ve been backing up your data to your Google account, you can also back up data using your XFLAG ID. Do not share your XFLAG ID or Google account information with anyone.


【Transferring Play Data via XFLAG ID】

① Start up the MS app, then on the Enter a Nickname screen, tap Transfer Play Data via XFLAG ID.




② Next, log in to the XFLAG ID account where you backed up your play data. When it asks you to sync your XFLAG ID and MS account, tap Yes.




③ Enter your recovery ID and tap the OK button. Next, check your play data, then tap Yes.




④ When the transfer is complete, you'll be able to play Monster Strike right where you left off!



*Note: You can back up your data on both your Google account and your XFLAG ID account, but once you’ve transferred data from one account, you won’t be able to transfer data from the other account.
*The images here are from an unreleased version of the game and might change.


How do I get gold?

You can get gold by playing through quests and getting Pennybacks. Pennybacks that you get from quests will be automatically sold and converted to gold. Quests also normally yield some gold, but it's best to complete the daily gold quest if you're in need. There are also quest vouchers available from the Shop.

When updating and playing...

Updating the game in an area with poor reception can potentially lead to data corruption and loss. Please always play the game in an area with good reception.

In the event that a poor connection causes problems with your data and we are unable to verify your items or purchase history, then we will have no way to help you resolve the issue.

Why can't I proceed through the game normally?
First, check the News & Updates posted on the official Monster Strike website. It's possible the issues you're experiencing are system-wide. If the Updates do not mention the problem, please contact Customer Support.
Why did the app crash all of a sudden?

If the game is closing unexpectedly in the middle of play, it's possible that the app is too memory-intensive for your device. Here are some possible causes to help you narrow down the issue:

Possible Causes
1. If you have been running multiple apps at once or running the app for a long time, it can sometimes become unstable. (In addition to the number of installed apps, built-in apps can sometimes have an effect too.)
2. If you are not running the app on recommended hardware, it may become unstable.
3. Depending on how you exit apps, their tasks may still be running in the background. Double-tap the round Home Button on your device to display the apps that are currently running, and close them from there. (How to do this depends on the device you are using.)

How can I send feedback and requests?

Go to the Home Screen and tap the gear icon. Select Support/Help and then Contact us.

Can I play for free?
Downloading the game is free, and you can have a great gameplay experience at no cost as well. To advance through the game more quickly and expand your gameplay experience, you can purchase items called Orbs, which cost money.

Can I play alone?
Of course! You can play either Solo by yourself, or Co-op in groups of 2-4 players. Focus on leveling up when you're playing Solo, then take on the really tough stages with friends! It's up to you how you play.

How do I turn Push Notifications on?

If You Are Using Android...
You don't need to do anything.

If You Are Using iOS...
What to do depends on your device, but if you are running iOS 7, follow the instructions below:

1. Open the Settings app on your device and choose "Notification Center."
2. Find the "Monster Strike" entry on the list and make sure your settings are as follows:
Alert Style: Banners
Badge App Icon: On

You will need to restart Monster Strike for these settings to take effect.