10K Likes: Awakening of the Ancient Beast (5/15 - 5/31)




Hey, Strikers!

First of all, we’d like to thank everybody for making 10,000 Likes on Facebook possible. To celebrate, we’ve got tons of fantastic things planned, so read on below!

1.    Awakening of the Ancient Beast


On May 22nd 5AM (ET), a Frozen Relic will be sent to the Gift Box of Strikers everywhere. Gather the materials required to ascend it into Ancient Smydra. More details will come after the event starts!

Period (ET)
5/22 5AM – 5/31 11:59PM (ET)

Ancient Smydra Stats:

ancientsmy.pngStrike Shot: Increases Speed and Strength and deals big damage to Deities.

2.    10K Likes Facebook Campaign
Like and Share the post to get ascension materials you can use for the Frozen Relic!

Period (ET)
5/15 – 5/18

3.    New Monster and New Quests
Micha will soon be joining the ever-growing roster of monsters, along with new quests and bosses!

4.    New Ascensions
Ascensions for Lancelot X, Lancelot, Loreley, and Merlin will be unlocked around May 15th, 4:30AM (ET). The time may change. Remember to return to the Title Screen to refresh your data.

More details here.

5.    Divine Showtime

fivexdroprate.pngDivine Sharls are five times more likely to drop from Clear Bonuses and Luck Bonuses in Daily Catalyst quests during the period below! The period has been updated due to the Divine Showtime issue.

Period (ET)
5/26 - 5/28, 5/30, 5/31

6.    Daily 10K Likes: Awakening Gift
From 5/22 to 5/31 (ET), log in for 1 Orb and ascension material for the Frozen Relic daily.

7.    New Impossible Quest: Creator of Earth and Sea

ba_stage11740.pngKeep an eye out for more details. We’ll also be releasing another MS Studio Play video!

Happy Hunting!

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