Out of Order

11/1 Legends Series 5★ Monster Luck Issue (Updated 11/2 9AM)



We'll be taking the following steps below (completion time will vary between players)
- All players that pulled the Legends Series hatcher during the issue period will be sent 1 Orb.
- Players that pulled a 1 Luck 5★ monster will be sent a 4 Luck copy of said monster to make up the difference. This will be done for each 1 Luck 5★ monster pulled during the issue period.

Both can be found in your Gift Box after they're sent.

The Legends Series hatcher starting from 11/1 12PM (ET) was supposed to yield Luck 5 for all 5★ monsters, but some came out as Luck 1.

This issue has been fixed from 11/1 9:30PM (ET), and now all 5★ monsters in the hatcher will come with 5 Luck. We'll be helping players who pulled 1 Luck 5★ monsters on a case by case basis.

(EDIT) 1 Orb will also be sent out to players who pulled the hatcher during that period. Thank you for your patience.

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