600K Downloads! New Quest: Magical Labyrinth




Hey, Strikers!

We've reached 600K downloads thanks to your support. A big shout out from all of us here at Monster Strike Studio!

To show our gratitude, we've created a fun little quest!

Quest Details
As you're traveling the Labyrinth, you'll find it flooded with a type of new Expies.

ep1179.pngDefeat them without continuing to move on to an extra stage that costs zero stamina. You'll find yourself at either the Labyrinth of Rebirth, Death, or Dawn. Each Labyrinth consists of a collection of random Bosses. 35 stamina is required to challenge the Magical Labyrinth, which is only available on the Savage difficulty level. There's a small chance of the Extra Stage appearing even if you continue. The main hazards to be aware of are Gravity Barriers and some Damage Walls. We recommend filling your team with a variety of monsters of different elements.

The Savage version of the quest drops Expies, while beating the Extra Stage guarantees a drop from the Boss who appears. The Boss WILL NOT drop from Clear Bonuses or Luck Bonuses.

Possible Bosses on the Extra Stage (Labyrinth)
5★ Jack
5★ Tengu
5★ Jiraiya
5★ Astaroth
5★ Lilith
5★ Da Vinci
5★ Origa
5★ Michelangelo
5★ Slash
5★ Gigamantis
5★ Fenrir

Appearance Times (ET)
6/8 7PM - 9PM
6/10 10PM - 6/11 12AM
6/11 7PM - 9PM
6/12 10PM - 6/13 12AM

Good luck and Happy Hunting!

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