6/16 Version 4.0.1 Update




Hey, Strikers!

From 6/16 4AM to 11AM (ET) we’ll be performing maintenance to our servers to update Monster Strike to Version 4.0.1. The following are patch notes for the new version:

Schedule Notification Feature Added
You can now schedule Push Notifications when the quests you want to play are available! Just tap on the Event Quest button, then on the upper right there’s a View Schedule button. Tap on that, and you’ll open up the Event Schedule. Tap on the boxes to check them and schedule your notifications!

version4.pngWhen the event starts, you’ll get a Push Notification!
version1.png-    Only quests available through the View Schedule button can be scheduled. Quests for the current day and the next day will be displayed.
-    Daily quests and Normal quests cannot be scheduled.
-    Make sure to turn on Push Notifications for your device. If the feature is not on, you won’t be able to receive notifications even if you check off the quest.

Boss Details Feature Added
The quest name of certain dropped boss monsters can now be found on the Monster Details screen. Tap the question mark icon on the upper right of the screen.

version5.png-    Monsters from Hatchers, Normal quests, Voucher quests, Daily quests, Expie quests, the Mission Log, codes, and the Gift Box are not eligible for this feature.

New Mission Log Entries Added
Play Co-op with friends to complete new Mission Log entries. Plus, there's a new voucher only available in the Mission Log entry!

New Entries:

New Entry Reward
Host and Clear a Co-op Game Once 10 Orbs
Host and Clear a Co-op Game 5 Times 5 Orbs
Join and Clear a Co-op Game Once 50-Luck Wrathful Jabbanero
Join and Clear a Co-op Game 5 Times Ticket to Divines Voucher (Co-op Only)

New Normal Quests Added
Five new normal quests centered around revival have been added!

New Normal Quests:
The Fire Jesters' Inferno
The Water Jesters' Styx
The Wood Jesters' Waste
The Light Jesters' Storm
The Dark Jesters' Abyss

Parameters of Some Monsters Boosted
Monsters like Izanagi, Yamato Takeru, and Valkyrie have gotten a power up! For more details head here!

Ableberries Added to No-Continue Bonuses and Damage Chests
The Temple of Heroes will now drop Ableberries as No-Continue Bonuses and from Damage Chests! Play Co-op with friends to get Damage Chests. You can now get up to 6 Ableberries per run (when running with 4 other Strikers)!
version2.png1 Ableberry can drop from Damage Chests when playing with 2 Strikers, 2 when playing with 3 Strikers, and 3 when playing with 4 Strikers.
version3.png-    Ableberries can be devoured by your Main Monster, as long as they have a Badge of Honor. They have to be used on the spot and cannot be held. Make sure to bring a monster with a Badge of Honor when exploring the Temple of Heroes!

Monster Auto-lock Feature Added
Accidentally sold your Hatcher monster before? Fear no more! We’ve added a new Monster Auto-lock feature that if enabled will automatically lock 5★ monsters that you get from the Premium Hatcher.
version6.pngHave fun with this update and Happy Hunting!

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