New Impossible Quest: Orochi's Forest Prize, Featuring Kushinada



A new Impossible difficulty quest is coming! Kushinada takes her rightful place alongside Izanami as one of the toughest enemies in Monster Strike.



This quest is No-Continue, so if you die, you won’t be able to use an Orb to revive! One play also costs 60 stamina, so make sure to rank up to raise your maximum stamina!


Clear the quest for a chance to get 5☆ Kushinada, a wood element monster, which you can evolve to 6☆ Sacrificial Princess Kushinada, the picture displayed above!

Unlike some Extreme quests, clearing Orochi’s Forest Prize does not guarantee a Kushinada drop. However, you’ll find other fun prizes to tide you over!
Here's a list of her appearance times (ET):
3/12 8PM - 10PM
3/13 8PM - 10PM
3/14 10PM - 12AM
3/15 10PM - 12AM
3/16 8PM - 10PM
Happy Hunting!

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