Vouchers Added to Shop, Hard Difficulty Added to Certain Extremes



Hey, Strikers!

A new type of Voucher will be added to the shop from 9/1 (ET). The Evolution Materials Voucher will allow you to challenge the “In Search of Evolution Materials” quest.


What are Evolution Materials Vouchers?

These Vouchers will allow you to challenge a quest called “In Search of Evolution Materials”. On the quest, evolution materials will drop. The color of the materials vary, depending on which stage you challenge:

Light Adventure
Dark Adventure
Fire Adventure
Water Adventure
Wood Adventure

Play the stage that has the materials you’re looking for. 1 Stamina is consumed when playing the quest.


How are Evolution Materials Vouchers Purchased?

1.    Tap the Shop button
2.    Tap the Exchange button (Evo (Hard): 2 Plays)
3.    Tap Yes


-    You must be rank 10 or higher to purchase Vouchers. This applies to the EXP Vouchers as well.
-    There is no longer a cooldown on purchasing Vouchers.
-    You can hold up to 99 Vouchers.


Hard Difficulty Added to Certain Extremes

Hard difficulty will be added to the below Extreme quests:
The Accursed Red Assassin (5★ Vendetta)
The Bloodsucker's Castle (5★ Dracula)
SOS! The Green Earth's Peril (5★ Gigamantis)
A Glimpse of Depravity (5★ Nero)
Genius, the Cosmic Gift (5★ Da Vinci)

Hard will be available the next time these quests appear after 9/1 12AM (ET).

-    Clearing all of the difficulty levels will result in a Clear Orb. If you’ve cleared Savage and Extreme previously, go back and clear all the difficulties after the new difficulty is added for another Clear Orb.
-    All difficulties will have a New display after Hard is added, even if you’ve beaten the difficulty previously.

Happy Hunting!

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