Awakening of the Ancient Beast Details



Hey, Strikers!

We're here with more details about the Awakening of the Ancient Beast campaign! On May 22nd 5AM (ET), a Frozen Relic will be sent to the Gift Box of Strikers everywhere. Gather the materials required to ascend it into Ancient Smydra!

Period (ET)
5/22 5AM – 5/31 11:59PM



Ancient Smydra



To ascend the relic, you’ll have to get the materials below:

1 Frozen Relicfrozenrelic.png-    Claim it from your Gifts after 5/22 5AM (ET).

3-Luck Ye Olde Deluxpie, Jr.yeoldejr.png-    Complete two new Mission Log entries, (“Clear Bosses on Parade! 10K Likes!” and “Tweet or Share MS! 10K Likes!”) and/or through the Friend Hatcher from 5/22 5AM (ET).

1-Luck Golden Pickaxe Deluxpie or 90-Luck Silver Pickaxe Deluxpie (+15 Bonus Luck at 75)goldenpickaxedelux.pngsilverpickaxedelux.png-    Beat the Bosses on Parade quest and accumulate drops. A 3-Luck Silver Pickaxe Deluxpie will also be distributed daily through the log-in bonus.

1-Luck Ye Olde Deluxpieyeolde.png-    Watch MS Studio Plays to-be released videos at our official Youtube channel and use the Serial/Promotion Codes attached.

1-Luck Keybearer Deluxpie


-    Look out for Serial/Promotion Codes on our Facebook page.

2 Divine Sharls
-    Complete the “Tweet or Share MS! 10K Likes!” for one Divine Sharl. Get the other by playing the Daily Catalyst quests.

The above materials are used to ascend the Frozen Relic into Ancient Smydra. Be careful not to fuse or sell them accidentally. The safest bet is to lock the materials as you get them.

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