Badges of Honor to be Added to Some Monsters



Hey, Strikers!

Badges of Honor will be added to the below monsters from around May 8th, 5AM (ET):

5★ Monsters
Fire: Agnamut
Fire: Sanada Yukimura
Fire: Lancelot X
Fire: Red-Hood Nonno
Water: Kirigakure Saizo
Wood: Hunter King
Wood: Yggdrasil
Dark: Eclipse
Dark: Hades

4★ Monsters
Fire: Freyja
Fire: Aphrodite
Water: Crocodire
Water: Nadisa Courant
Wood: Momochi Sandayu
Wood: Hojo Ujiyasu
Light: Naoe Kanetsugu
Dark: Aiven
Dark: Kal Capote
Dark: Chopin

-    Badges of Honor will be added to all forms of a monster.
-    Remember to claim the Badges of Honor by tapping the Claim Badges button in the menu. Then your monster will be able to eat Ableberries.

What’s a Badge of Honor?
Badges of Honor allow monsters to eat Ableberries from the Temple of Heroes. To reach the Temple of Heroes, you’ll first need to become Rank 50.

For more details about the Temple of Heroes, Ableberries, and Badges of Honor, head to our game guide here.

Happy Hunting!

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