New Impossible Quest: Beyond the Boundless Blue, Featuring Bishamonten



ba_stage12540.pngHey, Strikers!

A new Impossible difficulty quest is coming! Bishamonten sees you…even with her eyes closed. Challenge her in the boundless blue at your own peril!

This quest is No-Continue, so if you die, you won’t be able to use an orb to revive! One play also costs 60 stamina, so make sure to rank up to raise your maximum stamina!


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Quest Details

Hearts will not appear in this quest. However, healing walls will appear. Bounce off the sparkling walls to heal yourself when the going gets rough.HW_01.png

Pierce obstructors and bounce obstructors are also plentiful. Make sure to use Pierce monsters to kill the jellies, and Bounce monsters to destroy the metal blobs. Using the wrong Sling Style will halt your monster in its tracks.

Bounce Obstructors


Pierce Obstructors


Clear the quest for a chance to get 5★ Bishamonten, a water element monster, who you can evolve to 6★ Sapphire Guardian Bishamonten.

5★ Bishamonten


6★ Sapphire Guardian Bishamonten


Unlike some Extreme quests, clearing Beyond the Boundless Blue does not guarantee a Bishamonten drop, unless you are playing Local Co-op. The drop is guaranteed if you beat the quest through Local Co-op! She can also drop from Normal, Speed, and Luck Bonuses. Even if you don't get Bishamonten, there's plenty of other loot to tide you over!


Appearance Times

Local Co-op Only (Limited Entries: 2) Appearance Times (ET)

1/26 12AM - 11:59PM


Normal Appearance Times (ET)

1/27 7PM – 8:59PM
1/28 10PM – 11:59PM
1/29 7PM – 8:59PM
1/30 10PM – 11:59PM
1/31 7PM – 8:59PM


Bishamonten will be placed into the quest pool so if you miss her this time, don't worry — there will always be a next time.

Happy Hunting!

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