Celebrating Two Years of Monster Strike (Part 1)





Hey, Strikers!

Monster Strike’s made it to its two year birthday thanks to your support. We’ve lined up plenty of cool events and promotions to show our gratitude. Here’s to another year of good times!


Facebook Fan Vote Hatcher Promotion

Keep an eye out on Facebook for more details!


New Event Quest: The Feast of Endless Rebirth



A new monster, 5★ Cybele is looking to mess with the festivities. Face her in “The Feast of Endless Rebirth” on Normal, Hard, Savage, or Extreme! Clear ALL four difficulties to get five orbs as a First Clear bonus!


Event Period (ET)
11/1 12AM – 11/15 11:59PM

Beat the quest on Extreme without continuing to guarantee an extra stage. If you continue once, you’ll still have a small chance of encountering the extra stage. 5★ Cybele can drop from Normal, Speed, Luck, and Local bonuses. She's a 100% drop as a Local bonus when playing on Extreme. However, Cybele will not appear as a No Continue bonus. Getting a Cybele drop is up to you and a conversation with Lady Luck!


Daily Play Bonuses

During the period below, we’ll be handing out one Orb and one 2nd Anniversary Green Maxpie daily.

Period (ET)
11/1 5AM - 12/1 3:59AM


Mega Fuse-a-thon

Take advantage of an increase to the rate of mega fusions to strengthen your monsters!

Period (ET)
11/1 12AM – 11/3 11:59PM

Part 2 will be coming soon!

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