Celebrating Two Years of Monster Strike (PART 3)





It's time for the big finale! Let's turn things up a notch! Do you have what it takes to conquer the final challenge?


Divine Showtime


Divine sharl drop rates will be boosted five times! Play daily Evolution Materials quests, get divine sharls, and evolve away!

Period (ET): 11/18 12AM – 11/24 11:59PM


Yamato Takeru Returns


Don’t have Yamato Takeru yet? Challenge him and add him to your monster box before fighting Avalon! Yamato Takeru’s quest will appear for two hours a day at half stamina!

Period (ET): 11/18 – 11/22


New Colossal Quest: The Long Sought-After Paradise (11/25)


The fog has lifted from the land of legend. But to gain entry and challenge Avalon, you’ll need to prove your mettle by holding five Max Luck monsters. Check the number of Max Luck monsters you hold by heading to Home → Play Stats/Titles → MAX Luck Monsters. The quest is no-continue and costs 60 stamina to play. It’s definitely not for the faint of heart!

Ascension Materials
3-Luck Izanami


3-Luck Ashura


*Avalon can only be ascended.

Clearing the quest does not guarantee an Avalon drop, unless you are playing Local Co-op. The drop is guaranteed if you beat the quest through Local Co-op! Avalon can also drop from Normal, Speed, and Luck Bonuses. Even if you don't get Avalon, there's plenty of other loot to tide you over!

Appearance Times
11/25 10PM – 10:59PM (ET)
11/26 10PM – 10:59PM (ET)
11/27 10PM – 10:59PM (ET)
*Avalon will reappear again in the future.


Daily Play Bonuses

Play during the period below and get one Dragon Gem daily! A different element Dragon Gem will be handed out each day.

Period (ET): 11/19 4AM – 11/24 3:59AM


Dragon Gem Quest Luck Boost/Half Stamina

Play Dragon Gem quests during the period below to take advantage of a +50 luck boost and half stamina!

Period (ET): 11/19 12AM – 11/24 11:59PM



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