Changes to Supported Devices/OS



Hey Strikers!

In order to provide a better overall user experience, we’ll no longer be able to support certain operating systems (OS) for Android and iOS devices.


Date of Change

After the Version 5.0.0 Update, which is currently slated for a Mid-October, 2015 release. The release date may change.


Previously Supported OS

Android 2.3.3 and above
iOS 6.0 and above


Supported OS After Change

Android 4.0 and above
iOS 7.0 and above

Devices that use unsupported operating systems may have trouble running the game.


For Android Users

- If your Android device is below 4.0, we will be unable to assist you through customer support. We recommend upgrading your OS to a version that is supported after the update
- To confirm your current Android version or to update your Android version, we recommend you contact your provider or reseller for further information


For iOS Users

- iOS 9.0 is currently not supported
- For inquiries regarding your current iOS version or updating your iOS version please contact Apple directly

In our pursuit of improving the game, supported devices are subject to change in the future.

Thank you for your understanding, and Happy Hunting!

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