Out of Order

Clear Count Bonus Issue



UPDATE: Reset clear counts will not display as reset until you clear the quest once. For example, if your clear count was three previously, clearing the quest once will reset it down to one.


From 11/11 12AM (ET), we have been holding the Road to Avalon promotion in which Surtr, Queen Butterflight, Zhang Jiao, Jack, and Princess Takiyasha have been available for 24-hour blocks with extra Clear Count bonuses. There has been a confirmed issue where players have cleared the quests but have not gotten their Clear Count bonuses.

We will be taking the following actions to fix this issue:
- Handing out five orbs to all players soon
- Stopping the Jack quest that has been available from 11/14 12AM
- Resetting the Clear Count counters to zero on Surtr, Queen Butterflight, Zhang Jiao, and Jack
- Rereleasing Surtr, Queen Butterflight, Zhang Jiao, and Jack at a later date
- Princess Takiyasha will be released as planned on 11/15 12AM

Thank you for your patience!

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