Developer Blog #1: The Birth of Monster Strike



The idea of Monster Strike began with an everyday trip to the diner. It was a normal day, one lunch break out of many.

But there was one noticeable problem—everyone was together, but only physically. They sat at the same tables but stared at their respective phones. Instead of talking with each other, eating and laughing, a strange silence permeated the air. Each person was in another world, yet only a few feet separated them.

For smartphones, the trend during that time was single player experiences. So instead of going with the trend, why not go against it? This train of thought eventually got us thinking: What if these people were actually connected to each other? What if the unwitting culprits behind digital isolation, smartphones and tablets, could be used to strengthen existing bonds?dev3_1.jpg

We decided then and there, that we would create a product for friends and family, something to make communication fun again. Last of all, the product would be shaped into a shared thread, common ground and a perfect conversation starter.

In a stroke of luck, there was already a foundation in place. Previously, the team had worked on an app with the same core concept. The app was simple—players created their own look-a-like avatars, and used them to communicate with each other through a social media platform. While that didn’t work out, lessons that we learned became the basic building blocks for Monster Strike.

The development process was both simple and intense. The entire team holed up in a small room and grinded out the entire process. Each decision, each gameplay element was painstakingly crafted with the core concept in mind: Facilitate face-to-face communication.

A web of ideas began to take shape through the chaos of brainstorming.dev2.png

We'll be continuing the Developer Blog series with more behind the scenes info on Monster Strike. Stay tuned!

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