Striker Tribune: FB 20K Likes/Nothing Remains Frozen Forever




Hey, Strikers!

To mark 20K FB Likes, Ancient Smydra will be making a return! After all, nothing remains frozen forever... (unless you’re in Antarctica or the North Pole?)20kcampaign.pngThere’s a new quest called Run of the Expies that will be available during the campaign period. You can get 1 Frozen Relic by clearing Run of the Expies the first time (as a host), courtesy of the Mission Log. Look below and figure out how to ascend the Frozen Relic and create your very own Ancient Smydra! In Run of the Expies, if you meet and defeat Keybearer Deluxpie, Ye Olde Deluxpie, Gold Pickaxe Deluxpie before they can run away, you'll be guaranteed a drop. The special Deluxpies do not drop from Clear or Luck Bonuses.


Required Ascension Materials and How to Get Them

ANCIENT1.png1-Luck Frozen Relicfrozenrelic.png-    Clear Run of the Expies as the host and claim the relic from the Mission Log
-    Meet the Frozen Relic in Magical Labyrinth II+ and stop it in its tracks

3-Luck Ye Olde Deluxpie, Jr.yeoldejr.png-    Get from the Friend Hatcher

1-Luck Golden Pickaxe Deluxpie OR 90-Luck Silver Pickaxe Deluxpiesilverpickaxedelux.pnggoldenpickaxedelux (1).png-    Golden Pickaxe Deluxpies can drop form the Run of the Expies quest
-    Login daily to get Silver Pickaxe Deluxpies: Login daily from 8/25 5AM to 8/31 4:59AM (ET) to get a 10-Luck Silver Pickaxe Deluxpie daily. On the last day, login between 8/31 5AM – 9/1 4:59AM (ET) to get a 15-Luck Silver Pickaxe Deluxpie

1-Luck Ye Olde Deluxpieyeolde.png-    Get as a drop from the Run of the Expies quest

1-Luck Keybearer Deluxpiekeybearerdelux.png-    Get as a drop from the Run of the Expies quest

2 Divine Sharls
-    Complete the “FB 20K Likes: Subscribe to YouTube!” Mission Log entry for 1 Divine Sharl
-    Get the other as a drop from Daily Catalyst Quests

BE CAREFUL NOT TO ACCIDENTALLY SELL OR FUSE YOUR ASCENSION MATERIALS. We recommend that you lock your materials by tapping the lock icon in the upper right of the monster details screen. As you can see in the screenshots, they do not come locked. So don't be like us and be smarter — remember to lock!

Ancient Smydra Statsancientsmy.png

Run of the Expies Quest

The monsters on this quest are antsy and ready to flee. Prepare to stop them in their tracks! As stated above, clearing this quest the first time as a host will net a Frozen Relic from the Mission Log. Many of the Ascension Materials required to Ascend the Ancient Smydra are also available in this quest!runoftheexpies.pngAppearance Period (ET)
8/25 5AM – 8/31 11:59PM

- Keybearer Deluxpies, Golden Pickaxe Deluxpies, and Ye Olde Deluxpies do not drop from Clear Bonuses and Luck Bonuses
- The first three phases of the quest have a chance to spawn a Keybearer Deluxpies, Golden Pickaxe Deluxpies, and/or Ye Olde Deluxpies
- If one of the three Deluxpies spawn, you'll need to defeat it in one turn, before it runs
- Bring your strongest monsters (Wood recommended) if you're aiming to take down one of the three Deluxpies
- If you're playing the quest to farm Expies and Stones/Sharls, bring Max Luck monsters


Divine Showtime

Drop rates for Divine Sharls are boosted five times in Daily Catalyst Quests.fivexdroprate.pngPeriod (ET)
8/25 1AM – 8/27 12:59PM
8/29 1AM – 8/31 12:59PM

The Magical Labyrinth II+

The Magical Labyrinth II makes a return, with a special hidden surprise. Will you meet the wayward relic, and stop it before it flees for greener pastures? If you defeat the Frozen Relic, you’ll get it as a boss drop. Remember — you can fuse Frozen Relics into an Ancient Smydra to increase the Ancient Smydra’s luck.magicallabyrinthtwoplus.pngAppearance Times (ET)
8/26 2PM – 2:59PM
8/26 4PM – 4:59PM
8/26 7PM – 8:59PM
8/27 12PM – 12:59PM
8/27 2PM – 2:59PM
8/27 10PM – 11:59PM
8/28 2PM – 2:59PM
8/28 4PM – 4:59PM
8/28 7PM – 8:59PM
8/29 12PM – 12:59PM
8/29 2PM – 2:59PM
8/29 10PM – 11:59PM
8/30 2PM – 2:59PM
8/30 4PM – 4:59PM
8/30 7PM – 8:59PM
8/31 12PM – 12:59PM
8/31 2PM – 2:59PM
8/31 10PM – 11:59PM

Happy Hunting!

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