Striker Tribune: FB 30K Likes/Nothing Remains Frozen Forever




Hey, Strikers!

Thanks for 30K Likes on Facebook! To celebrate, Ancient Smydra's going to be making a reappearance! All times are in Eastern Time.


Event Goal

- Get the Frozen Relic and ascend it into the 6★ Ancient Smydra! The smydra's especially powerful when used against Izanami

- Use 6★ Ancient Smydra and defeat Izanami! Izanami will make appearances from 2/26 - 2/28


Changes from the Previous Event

- Magical Labyrinth II+ now has a Local Co-op bonus, which is guaranteed to drop a Frozen Relic
- The chance of meeting the Frozen Relic during the Magical Labyrinth II+ quest has been raised
- Run of the Expies now has a Local Co-op bonus, which is guaranteed to drop a Golden Pickaxe Deluxpie, Silver Pickaxe Deluxpie, Ye Olde Deluxpie, or Keybearer Deluxpie!


30K Likes FB Fan Vote

relic_05_hp.pngGuess the range of the number of Frozen Relics everyone will get during the campaign period. Voting ends at 2/25 11:59PM (ET)!

There are two steps:
1. The number ranges signify how many Frozen Relics players will pick up during the campaign. Like the range you think will be correct.
2. A variety of rewards are available. Like the one that peaks the most interest.

The number range and reward with the highest number of Likes will be selected to represent the fan base. If the number range matches up with the campaign's results, all players will be given the selected reward.

Possible ranges:
0 - 49,999
50,000 - 99,999
100,000 - 149,999
150,000 and above

Possible rewards:
One orb
One Golden Pickaxe Deluxpie
One Frozen Relic
One of each elemental Maxpie (five total)
One Divine Sharl

Head to Facebook and vote!


Run of the Expies

ba_stage270200.pngThe monsters on this quest are antsy and ready to flee. Prepare to stop them in their tracks! Many of the ascension materials required to ascend the Frozen Relic into 6★ Ancient Smydra are available in this quest!

Appearance Period
2/19 12AM – 2/26 11:59PM

- Keybearer Deluxpies, Golden Pickaxe Deluxpies, and Ye Olde Deluxpies do not drop from clear bonuses and luck bonuses
- The first three phases of the quest have a chance to spawn Keybearer Deluxpies, Golden Pickaxe Deluxpies, and/or Ye Olde Deluxpies
- If one of the three Deluxpies spawn, you'll need to defeat it in one turn, before it runs
- Bring your strongest monsters (Wood recommended) if you're aiming to take down one of the three Deluxpies
- If you're playing the quest to farm Expies and stones/sharls, bring max luck monsters


Required Ascension Materials and How to Get Them

Frozen Relic


- Clear Run of the Expies
- Clear Magical Labyrinth II+ through Local Co-op (one drop guaranteed)
- Find and destroy while playing through Magical Labyrinth II+ (one drop guaranteed if destroyed)
- Log in between 2/18 4AM - 2/26 3:59AM to get one

Ye Olde Deluxpie, Jr. (3-Luck required)

ye_olde_deluxpie, jr.png

- Draw from the Friend Hatcher, available until 2/28 11:59PM (ET)

Golden Pickaxe Deluxpie (1-Luck required, or 90-Luck Silver Pickaxe Deluxpie)


- Find in the Run of the Expies quest and destroy it (also a chance to get it from Local Co-op bonuses)

Silver Pickaxe Deluxpie (90-Luck required, or 1-Luck Golden Pickaxe Deluxpie)


- Login daily and get 10-Luck Silver Pickaxe Deluxpies as rewards (from 2/19 4AM - 2/27 3:59AM)
* If you play daily and get all the login rewards during the campaign period, you'll end up with a 90-Luck Silver Pickaxe Deluxpie
- Clear Run of the Expies for a chance to get it from Local Co-op bonuses

Ye Olde Deluxpie (1-Luck required)


- Find in the Run of the Expies quest and destroy it (also a chance to get it from Local Co-op bonuses)

Keybearer Deluxpie (1-Luck required)


- Find in the Run of the Expies quest and destroy it (also a chance to get it from Local Co-op bonuses)

Divine Sharls (two required)
- Get from daily Evolution Material quests

BE CAREFUL NOT TO ACCIDENTALLY SELL OR FUSE YOUR ASCENSION MATERIALS. We recommend that you lock your materials by tapping the lock icon in the upper right of the monster details screen. As you can see in the screenshots, they do not come locked. So don't be like us and be smarter — remember to lock! Just remember to unlock the materials when you're ready to ascend!


Magical Labyrinth II+

ba_stage270210.pngThe Magical Labyrinth II+ returns with Frozen Relics in tow. Will you meet the wayward relic and stop it before it flees for greener pastures? Defeat the Frozen Relic and get it as a boss drop. Plus, this time you'll also get a Frozen Relic as a Local Co-op bonus. The labyrinth will appear for four hours each day. Keep an eye on the in-game event schedule.

Remember—fuse Frozen Relics into 6★ Ancient Smydra to increase the smydra's luck!


Divine Showtime (2/22 - 2/23)

ba_divineshowtime.pngDrop rates for Divine Sharls are boosted five times in daily Evolution Material quests.

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