1 Million DL Striker Tribune: A Ghoulish Night Beckons



Ghoulishnight.pngHey, Strikers!

An evil moon rises, signaling the beginning of a festival of horrors. A lone coffin lies in a graveyard. Laughter escapes the coffin, a crazy, sinister cackle that echoes into the chilly night. Break the chains and unlock the terror inside—if you dare.

Please keep in mind that this is a limited time event, only for this year’s Halloween season.


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Event Goals


-    Collect 10 Halloween Expies and ascend the 4★ Evil Coffin into the 5★ Ghost of Malice

5★ Ghost of Malice

-    The beginner goals
-    Collect 6 Titania Dragons and ascend the 5★ Ghost of Malice into the 6★ Rotbone Revenant

6★ Rotbone Revenant

-    Both beginner and intermediate goals
-    Collect 4★ Evil Coffins and fuse them into the 6★ Rotbone Revenant to raise luck. Aim for Max Luck!


How to Get Evil Coffins

1)    Login Once
Play Monster Strike between 10/23 5AM – 10/31 11:59PM (ET) to get an Evil Coffin. You can only get one 4★ Evil Coffin in this time period.

4★ Evil Coffin


2)    Play the “Hush, Evil Awakens” Quest
Defeat the 4★ Evil Coffin when it appears in the “Hush, Evil Awakens” quest to get it. It’ll be a direct drop.


How to Get Halloween Expies

1)    Login Daily
Play Monster Strike to get rewards from 10/23 5AM to 11/1 3:59AM (ET). You’ll get Halloween Expies and evolution materials daily.

2)    Play the “An Expie’s Eerie Eve” Quest
Get Halloween Expies by defeating them in the quest. You can also get Halloween Expies from Local Co-op rewards. The quest is available from 10/23 5AM – 10/31 11:59PM (ET). One Halloween Expie is also available as a Mission Log entry reward after clearing the quest once solo or as a host.eerieexpie.png

Halloween Expies can also be used normally for fusing to strengthen monsters. They are the equivalent of Red Deluxpies.

Halloween Expie


How to Get Titania Dragons

1)    Play the “Hush, Evil Awakens” Quest
Titania Dragons can drop from Luck, Speed, No Continue, and Normal Clear Bonuses. Only the No Continue bonus is a guaranteed drop.

5★ Titania Dragon






"Hush, Evil Awakens" Appearance Times

A sneak peek of the event is available on 10/23 5AM – 11:59PM (ET) through Local Co-op. You can play the quest twice. It will appear for four hours a day from 10/24 – 10/31 (ET). Check below for specific times:titaniadragon.png

Date (ET) First Second Third
10/24 10AM - 10:59AM 2PM - 2:59PM 7PM - 8:59PM
10/25 12PM - 12:59PM 4PM - 4:59PM 10PM - 11:59PM
10/26 10AM - 10:59AM 2PM - 2:59PM 7PM - 8:59PM
10/27 12PM - 12:59PM 4PM - 4:59PM 10PM - 11:59PM
10/28 10AM - 10:59AM 2PM - 2:59PM 7PM - 8:59PM
10/29 12PM - 12:59PM 4PM - 4:59PM 10PM - 11:59PM
10/30 10AM - 10:59AM 2PM - 2:59PM 7PM - 8:59PM
10/31 12PM - 12:59PM 4PM - 4:59PM 10PM - 11:59PM



New Limited Time Mission Log Entries

1)    Watch Ghoulish Night Video
Tap attempt to watch the video and you’ll get 1 Divine Sharl. We’d love it if you subscribe to our YouTube channel as well.

2)    Clear An Expie's Eerie Eve
Beat the quest as the host or solo to get 1 Halloween Expie.

3)    Tweet or Share About Halloween!
Share on Facebook or Tweet on Twitter about the Halloween event to get 1 Orb.


Other Campaigns

Gold Hatcher
10/25, 10/30 (ET)

Mega Fuse-a-thon
10/26, 10/31 (ET)

Double Exp on “An Expie’s Eerie Eve”
10/23, 10/24 (ET)

Half Stamina on “An Expie’s Eerie Eve”
10/28, 10/29 (ET)

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