IMPORTANT: Beginning of Daylight Saving Time (3/13)



Hey, Strikers!

From 3/13 (ET), Daylight Saving time will begin.

Event Quest Schedule

The times on your event quest schedule will change when your device switches over to Daylight Saving Time. That means that some times may vary and be inaccurate, depending on your time zone, or at least until your device switches to Daylight Saving Time.

Place That May Be Affected
-Event schedule
-Home page event schedule

Login Reset Time

During Standard Time, the reset time is 4AM (ET). After moving to Daylight Saving Time, the login reset time will change to 5AM (ET).

*Same for the reset time on weekly missions.


From 3/14, hatchers will begin from 4PM instead of 12AM (ET). Check the hatcher update for more details.


Normal event quests will be shifted to start from 4PM (ET). Local Co-op, daily event quests, and temple quests will start from 1AM (ET). For Extreme quest times, please check the Event Schedule.

*The Local Co-op and Limited Entry quest starting on 3/13 will start from 4AM (ET).

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