IMPORTANT: Co-op Overhaul



Hey, Strikers!

The upcoming Version 5.2.2 is going to involve a major overhaul of the co-op system.

Upcoming Changes

- Removal of Global and Social Media Co-op
- Addition of new Local Co-op and Friend systems

Vision Behind Changes

XFLAG Studio's mission revolves around providing exciting content for friends and family to enjoy together. Monster Strike's greatest moments are often found when hanging out with friends. The memory of the first unfortunate run-in with a damage wall, or the miracle shot that turned certain defeat into sweet victory.

It was not our intent for Social Media and Global matchmaking to send a mixed message about the game's core values, and we apologize for any frustration players may feel. But we felt now was the only time to bring the game full circle and focus on the human experience--going bowling with friends, hanging out at the arcades, playing games over a couple slices of pizza.

There are already plans to add many new features and events based around playing together. It goes without saying that these changes are huge and may be hard to digest. However, after many long discussions, the team felt that this change was necessary to bring people together for a better and more personal experience.

Thank you for playing Monster Strike. May there be many more days of Happy Striking with family and friends!

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