IMPORTANT: Normal Quest Renewal (After 5.2.0 Maintenance)



Hey, Strikers!

Normal quests will be getting a complete renewal and renamed to Trial quests. All players can play the Trial quests, and will start from the beginning after the renewal. In the Trials, there are first clear rewards after completing stage groups, and new Mission Log entries. Hope you enjoy the quests as much as we enjoyed creating them!

-    After 5.2.0, Normal quests will become Trial quests
-    Clearing Trial quests yields plenty of rewards
-    New rewards from Mission Log entries

-    After 5.2.0, you will no longer be able to play the current Normal quests
-    Existing Mission Log entries will also be renewed—you won't be able to challenge previous ones linked to old Normal quests. If you haven’t finished up the current Mission Log, complete them soon, before Version 5.2.0 hits! Remember to claim your completed Mission Log entries before they expire!

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