Invite Your Friends!



shoutai5.pngHey Strikers!

As the best way to play Monster Strike is with friends...

We're switching gears and introducing a new invitation campaign! The maximum number of invitations has also been boosted to 30 from 20. To invite a friend, tap on the Friends button, then the Invite Friends button. You can invite through Facebook, WhatsApp, LINE, text message, or by e-mail.

Below is a list of loot you can get:

You'll get 5 Orbs and 1 Meet the Morlings voucher per invite. Your first invite will clear a Mission Log entry, netting 5 Maxpies, 3 Plennybacks, 10 Orbs, and 1 Luck 50 Wrathful Jabbanero!

The friend you invite gets 5 Orbs, 1 EXP Invite-o-rama Voucher, and 1 Luck 50 Wrathful Jabbanero!

What's a Meet the Morlings Voucher?
Use the voucher to enter the Den of Morlings. There's a small chance to get King Mormite, who you can fuse to hyperboost a monster's attack. The Morlings have been hoarding plenty of other loot too!

What's an EXP Invite-o-rama Voucher?
Use the voucher to travel to the Land of Loot, where Expies populate the world aplenty! Get tons of Expies and fuse them to your monsters to raise their levels! This quest is co-op only.

What Does Luck Do?
Each point of luck on your main monster increases the chance of a luck bonus dropping after completing a quest. Raise a monster's luck by fusing the same monsters together (can be at any evolutionary

For example, you can fuse Red Smydras into a Wrathful Jabbenero to raise luck, as Red Smydras evolve into Wrathful Jabbaneros!

Important Notes

- Your friend must download the game from your invitation link and clear the tutorial for both of you to get bonuses.

- You and your friend must have Push Notifications enabled on your device to get bonuses.

- You can invite up to 30 friends across all invitation campaigns.

- If the invitee gets an Invalid Invitation URL or Invitation Expired error, invitation bonuses will not be received. Uninstall the game and have the inviter create a new Invitation URL and send it to the invitee. The invitee will then need to reinstall the game within seven days using that URL.

Happy Hunting!

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