iOS: Version 5.0.1 Update



Hey, Strikers!

After updating to Version 5.0.0, many iOS users have been suffering from crashes. This should be fixed in Version 5.0.1. The fixes currently only apply to Version 5.0.1.

From 10/22 12AM (ET), Version 5.0.0 will no longer be able to access the game. iOS users will need to update to Version 5.0.1 by 10/21 11:59PM (ET). Orbs will be distributed after the servers switch from 5.0.0 to 5.0.1. Android users already have Version 5.0.1 so there is no need to update.

The update is currently available in the App Store. It may take some time to be displayed. Please be sure to update your game in a place with a good connection and/or wi-fi.


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