Izanami Gauntlet (4/29 - 5/2)



The month’s ending—now it’s time to test your might against Izanami, the first Impossible difficulty quest. Izanami will appear for four days as a limited-entry quest. We’ve also readied a few helpful boosts below.


Izanami Appearances (Limited Entries: 2, ET)
4/29 12AM - 11:59PM
4/30 12AM - 11:59PM
5/1 12AM - 11:59PM
5/2 12AM - 11:59PM


Half Stamina on Temple Quests

For four days, Temple quests will only cost half stamina to play. If you’re rank 50 or above, don’t miss this chance to equip your monsters with powerful Ableberries.

Period (ET)
4/29 12AM - 5/2 11:59PM ET


Raise Rank, Raise Stamina

Trial quests yield three times the EXP when completed! Rank up to raise the amount of stamina you can hold, which also allows you to challenge harder quests.

Period (ET)
Until 4/29 11:59 PM


New Ascension (Sir Lucas, 4/25)

Sir Lucas has unlocked a new power. To ascend him, you’ll need the materials below:
Before Evolution: 2-Luck Cthulhu, 1-Luck Leah, 1-Luck Queen Butterflight
After Evolution: 1-Luck Cthulhu, 1-Luck Leah, 1-Luck Queen Butterflight


A new series and new monsters will be appearing soon, too!

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