Join the Party: 500,000 Downloads (4/15 - 4/30)



50Campaign1.pngHey, Strikers!

Well, we’ve made it to 500,000 downloads, so first off, thanks from all of us here at Monster Strike Studio for helping achieve the milestone!

To show our gratitude, we’ve got a jam-packed two weeks full of campaigns and content served with a nice impossible dessert.

1.    New Quest: Plentiful Paradise
Gold EXPlorer vouchers are used to challenge this quest. Plentiful Paradise is full of Expies and Pennybacks — speed around the quest while riding on conveyors! Beat the quest and finish the “Clear Plentiful Paradise” Mission Log entry to get 1 Divine Sharl! Previously, we planned on handing out 2 of each elemental Sharl, but we've decided to upgrade to a Divine Sharl for this special occasion! Hurray for 500,000 downloads!

mlog1.pngWhat Are Gold EXPlorer Vouchers?
Use the vouchers to venture to the Plentiful Paradise, a quest full of Expies and Pennybacks. Speed around the quest while riding on conveyors!

Ways to Get Gold EXPlorer Vouchers:
-    Complete the “Tweet or Share MS! 500,000 Downloads!” Mission Log entry to get 2 vouchers.

mlog2.png-    Receive from the Join the Party: 500,000 Downloads campaign on Facebook (the campaign is finished).
-    Log in from 4/15 – 4/30 between 5AM – 4:59AM (ET) daily and get 1 voucher a day.

NOTE: The “Clear Plentiful Paradise” and “Tweet or Share MS! 500,000 Downloads!” Mission Log entries are only available from 4/15 5AM to 5/1 4:59AM (ET).

2.    Orbs and Gold EXPlorer Vouchers Daily
Log in daily from 4/15 – 4/30 between 5AM – 4:59AM (ET) to get 1 Orb and 1 Gold EXPlorer voucher. Remember to pick up your loot from your gift box!

3.    New Impossible Quest: Yamato Takeru
The Water Walking Prince quest will make its first appearance on 4/26 (ET)! Stay tuned and keep an eye out for MS Studio’s battle against 5☆ Yamato Takeru!
ba_stage11540.png4.    The Queen’s Flight: Queen Butterflight Appears Often
From 4/15 to 4/30 (ET), the Beautiful, Baleful Butterfly quest will appear every other day. Challenge and defeat the quest without continuing on Extreme difficulty to get a guaranteed drop. 5☆ Queen Butterflight’s a great drop monster with Null Gravity Barrier, making her versatile for a variety of quests. Quests with her ascension materials will also be out during this time!
5.    Mega Fuse-a-thon
The Mega Fuse-a-thon’s back again! Take advantage of the boost to Mega Fusion rates and max out your monsters. A Mega Fusion doubles the effects of a fusion!

Period (ET)
4/17, 4/27, 4/28

ba_mega_fuse-a-thon.png6.    STAMarathon
Hoard items and experience points by playing half-stamina quests. Rank up and boost your maximum stamina — various rewards also line your road to Rank 50. More details can be found here.
halfstamina.pngEntire Period (ET)
4/15 – 4/30

Enter the Fray
Trial by Fire
Trial by Wood
Trial by Water
Trial by Darkness
Trial by Light
Off the Beaten Path
Mt. Hotfoot
Tellurian Forest
The Grandglacier

First Period (ET)
4/15 – 4/17, 4/21

Daily Quests (Catalysts, Gold)

Second Period (ET)
4/18 – 4/19, 4/24 – 4/26

Strikers Unite!
Striker Gauntlet
Pandora's Box
Fast on the Strike
Feasts for Beasts
The Dragonrun
Elemental Assault
The Great Mech Offensive
Fast on the Strike GP

7. Quest of the Day: Now Including Extremes
Certain Extreme quests tagged as the Quest of the Day will now be half stamina! Time to suit up and challenge the quest to your heart's content!

Once again, thanks for 500,000 downloads! A big cheer for the Strikers who have stuck with us and a hearty welcome to those who’ve joined the party! We'll be updating this page with more information, so keep it bookmarked!

Happy Hunting!

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