Maintenance for Trial Quest Rebalancing



We’ll be adjusting the balance of a few of the Trial quests. What we’re focusing on this time is to make the boss stages a little bit easier, and to increase their accessibility. There will be a maintenance to implement these changes.


Maintenance Period

4/6 2AM – 4AM (ET, approximately two hours)


Maintenance Notes

- Maintenance may start and end at different times, depending on how things go.
- If you're in a game during maintenance, your data will not be saved correctly. Please refrain from playing the game right before maintenance.
- During maintenance, you will not be able to play the game. Thank you for your patience.
- If an error appears after the update, try logging out and logging back in (by returning to the Title Screen.)



Mount Hazard

-Pare down the hazards to two types
-Decrease the attack of the mid-quest boss
-Increase the attack of some monsters


Netherworld Portal

-Change the positioning of some monsters
-Decrease the attack of some monsters
-Lower the HP of Izanami


The Forest Maw

-Decrease the number of warps that appear
-Lower the HP of monsters throughout the quest
-Decrease the power of some monsters’ attacks


The Prince of Water

-Adjust the number of monsters in the quest
-Adjust the gravity barrier monsters
-Lower the HP of some monsters

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