Maintenance for Version 5.2.0 Update



Hey, Strikers!

There’s going to be a long maintenance from 2/22 1AM - 10AM (ET). The maintenance is currently scheduled to last about 9 hours, or until the new update is displayed on both the App Store/Google Play.
For updating, we’ll be handing out 5 Thank You Orbs. Check your Gift Box after logging in.

Affinity Orb bonuses for the To Affinity and Beyond campaign will be extended until 2/22 12:59AM (ET). The login bonus portion of the campaign will not be extended.

Please Read
- Maintenance may start and end at different times, depending on how things go.
- If you’re in a game during maintenance, your data will not be saved correctly. Please refrain from playing the game right before maintenance.
- During maintenance, you will not be able to play the game. Thank you for your patience.
- If an error appears after the update, try logging out and logging back in (by returning to the Title Screen.)

Happy Hunting!

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