Maintenance for Version 6.0.0 Update




We will be extending maintenance for one hour to 10AM (ET). Thank you for your patience. We will be handing out five orbs to make up for the extended maintenance in the near future.


Hey, Strikers!

There's going to be a maintenance from 10/17 1AM – 9AM (ET). The maintenance is currently scheduled to last about eight hours, or until the new update is displayed on both the App Store/Google Play.

6.0.0 Details
-Fix bugs
-Add to-be-released Halloween event
-Revert game icon

Please Read
- Maintenance may start and end at different times, depending on how things go.
- If you're in a game during maintenance, your data will not be saved correctly. Please refrain from playing the game right before maintenance.
- During maintenance, you will not be able to play the game. Thank you for your patience.
- If an error appears after the update, try logging out and logging back in (by returning to the Title Screen.)

Happy Hunting!

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