New Impossible Quest: Where Heaven and Earth Collide, Featuring Marici



ba_stage12910.pngHey, Strikers!

A new Impossible difficulty quest is coming! Marici awaits for a challenger in his dimension. Can you defeat him on his home floor?

Quest Details

This quest is No-Continue, so if you die, you won't be able to use an orb to revive! One play also costs 60 stamina, so make sure to rank up to raise your maximum stamina!

Clear the quest for a chance to get 5★ Marici, a wood element monster, who you can evolve to 6★ Marici, Heat Haze Guardian.

5★ Marici


6★ Marici, Heat Haze Guardian


Unlike some Extreme quests, clearing Where Heaven and Earth Collide does not guarantee a Marici drop, unless you are playing Local Co-op. The drop is guaranteed if you beat the quest through Local Co-op! He can also drop from Normal, Speed, and Luck Bonuses. Even if you don't get Marici, there's plenty of other loot to tide you over!

Appearance Time

Local Co-op Only (Limited Entries: 2) Appearance Times (ET)

3/13 4AM - 11:59PM

Normal Appearance Times (ET)

3/14 7PM - 8:59PM
3/15 3PM - 4:59PM
3/16 11PM - 12:59AM
3/17 3PM - 4:59PM
3/18 7PM - 8:59PM
3/19 11PM - 12:59AM

Marici will be placed into the quest pool so if you miss her this time, don't worry -- there will always be a next time.

Happy Hunting!

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