Max Luck 5★ Queen Butterflight = More Loot




Enter the watery empress of Monster Strike, 5★ Queen Butterflight. She’s available in the Extreme Event Quest, Beautiful, Baleful Butterfly.

Butterflight.pngWhy Should I Aim for a Max Luck 5★ Queen Butterflight?

Setting a Max Luck monsters as your main monster brings huge benefits. After clearing a quest, you’ll be guaranteed 2 Luck Bonuses, plus, golden hearts will spawn more often!


The Beautiful, Baleful Butterfly quest is fairly easy compared to other Extreme quests. Bring a couple Null Damage Wall and Minesweeper monsters to guarantee victory!

But, Is 5★ Queen Butterflight Any Good?

In a single word: yes! 5★ Queen Butterflight has Null Gravity Barrier and Flight, allowing her to avoid mines while flying unimpeded around a stage. Her overall stats are also fairly high, and her Bump Combo deals respectable damage. Just remember to avoid Damage Walls, as her high speed can cause an accident if you’re not careful.

Evolution or Ascension?

Make sure to ascend 5★ Queen Butterflight into 6★ Thornmistress Butterflight.


Compared to her evolved form, the ascended form of 5★ Queen Butterflight has better HP, Speed, and an improved Bump Combo!

Get her ascension materials from the quests below:

Freekfrogg.pngMegasorge.pngDeathscoil.pngWait. What are Extreme Event Quests?

Extreme Event quests are time-based and appear according to the in-game schedule. They have a Savage and Extreme difficulty level, and drop 5★ monsters. Beating the quest on both difficulties has a chance of dropping the featured monster, though the drop rate on Savage is lower. Beautiful, Baleful Butterfly is a great quest to cut your teeth on.

Any Pointers?

Bring Wood element monsters as the quest is has Water element enemies. Null Damage Wall and Minesweeper are also useful abilities for the quest. You can also check out the video below for a few more pointers!



Happy Hunting!

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