New Event Quest: "The Sentient, Iridescent Blade" featuring Murasame



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A sudden downpour. The morning dew glistens on an ancient blade. Murasame awakens from her slumber.

This quest is different from others that have come before it. Get different elemental vouchers and collect all the forms of Murasame. The Light Vouchers are the most rare and are used to play the “Iridescent Blade of Pure Light” quest. The final goal is to gather all the different elements of Murasame and ascend 5★ Lightblade Murasame, resulting in 6★ The One True Murasame — a very powerful monster.


Ascended version of 5★ Lightblade Murasame — 6★ The One True Murasame.

Materials needed to ascend 5★ Lightblade Murasame




Event Flow


1)    First, clear the “The Sentient, Iridescent Blade” quest by defeating 5★ Darkblade Murasame. After completing the quest, you may get 5★ Darkblade Murasame, along with Fire, Water, Wood, and Light Vouchers from Clear and Luck Bonuses. The Light Voucher is rarest out of all the Vouchers.
(Note: Vouchers do not drop on Savage, and are not a 100% drop on Extreme.)
2)    Use your Vouchers to challenge the various Murasame quests! Collect all the different elements of Murasame for ascension materials. When you feel you are ready, challenge the “Iridescent Blade of Pure Light” quest if you have a Light Voucher, but beware — the difficulty is Insidious, in between Extreme and Impossible.
(Note: Continues are not allowed on the “Iridescent Blade of Pure Light” quest.)
3)    After you collect the materials, all that’s left is ascension! Remember that you need 2 Divine Sharls as well.

Appearance Times (ET)
7/10 10:00 PM - 7/10 11:59 PM
7/11 1:00 PM - 7/11 2:59 PM
7/11 10:00 PM - 7/11 11:59 PM
7/12 1:00 AM - 7/12 2:59 AM
7/12 7:00 PM - 7/12 8:59 PM
7/13 1:00 PM - 7/13 2:59 PM
7/13 10:00 PM - 7/13 11:59 PM
-    Murasame will be a reoccurring quest.

“The Sentient, Iridescent Blade” Details
-    There are two difficulties: Savage and Extreme. 5★ Darkblade Murasame can drop from Normal, Speed, and Luck Bonuses. It’s not a guaranteed drop. However, if you clear the quest on Extreme without continuing, 5★ Darkblade Murasame is guaranteed to drop.
-    Vouchers drop from Normal, Speed, and Luck Bonuses. They are not a 100% drop, and only drop from “The Sentient, Iridescent Blade” quest on Extreme. Murasame quests that you use Vouchers to play do not drop Vouchers.
-    All Vouchers cost 50 Stamina to use. Murasame can drop from Normal, Speed, and Luck Bonuses. It’s not a guaranteed drop, but becomes guaranteed if you beat the quest on Extreme without continues.
-    The Fire, Water, and Wood element quests are Extreme difficulty and allow continues. The Light version, is Insidious difficulty (between Extreme and Impossible), and does not allow continues. Beating the quest without continuing guarantees a Murasame drop.
-    Challenging a quest consumes 1 Voucher. Vouchers remain forever, as there are no expiration dates on them.
-    Luck on Murasame can only be raised when fusing the same element together. Fusing a 5★ Darkblade Mursame into a 5★ Windblade Murasame will not raise Windblade Murasame’s Luck. Fusing Windblade Murasames together will raise their luck, however.

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