New Colossal Quest: A Prayer to the Sea of Deities (1/27)





From the depths of the sea comes a new challenge: Nirai Kanai. You will need five Max Luck monsters to challenge Nirai Kanai in his domain. The quest is no-continue and costs 60 stamina to play.

*Check the number of Max Luck monsters you hold by heading to Home → Play Stats/Titles → MAX Luck Monsters. 


5★ Nirai Kanai


Ascension Materials:


*Nirai Kanai can only be ascended.


Clearing the quest does not guarantee a Nirai Kanai drop, unless you are playing Local Co-op. The drop is guaranteed if you beat the quest through Local Co-op! Nirai Kanai can also drop from Normal, Speed, and Luck Bonuses. Even if you don't get Nirai Kanai, there's plenty of other loot to tide you over!
Appearance Times (ET)
1/27 10PM – 10:59PM
1/28 9PM – 9:59PM
1/29 10PM – 10:59PM
1/30 9PM – 9:59PM
1/31 10PM – 10:59PM
*Nirai Kanai will reappear again in the future.




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