New Event Quest! Folded with Care





A new Event quest "Folded with Care", featuring the 5★ Origami will be available during the following period:
12/11 - 12/18 11:59 PM (ET)


Quest Details

- Three Difficulties: Hard, Savage and Extreme

- 5★ Origami does not drop from Clear, Speed, No-Continue, or Luck bonuses

- 5★ Origami is a guaranteed drop as a Local Co-op bonus on Extreme

- Defeat the boss for a chance at a 5★ Origami drop

- New hazard: Ghost, Individual HP Bars


New Hazards

Each monster will have their own individual HP bar. Hit monsters will take damage to their own HP bars.


If one of your monster's HP reaches zero, it will become a Ghost, reducing it's attack and speed. A ghosted monster cannot use Bump Combos, Abilities, or Strike Shots. If your entire team of monsters become Ghosts, you'll game over.




Get a heart to rid your monsters of the Ghost status! Mend and Recovery will also do the trick!

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