New Event Quest: S Awakens




Hey, Strikers!

Old favorites are new, improved, and back for another showdown!

Period (ET)

5/1, 5/2, 5/3, 5/9, 5/10

Event Quest Bosses:

Thunderbird S, Evolved

ep1633.pngSaito Hajime S, Evolvedep1635.pngKaguya S, Evolvedep1637.png
During S Awakens, either 4☆ Thunderbird S, 4☆ Kaguya S, or 4☆ Saito Hajime S will appear! It requires 25 stamina to challenge S Awakens, which is only available on the Hard difficulty level. If you clear it without continuing, you’ll be able to play an Extra Stage — one that costs 0 stamina. There's a small chance of the Extra Stage appearing even if you continue. And beware: the Extra Stage is as difficult as Savage difficulty quests!

The Extra Stage will also feature one of three S monsters above, but who’s to say that it’ll be the same one? You cannot continue during the Extra Stage, so make sure to bring your "S" game!

It’s possible to get the above 4☆ monsters from Normal, Speed, and Luck Bonuses. On Hard, any of the 4☆ monsters have a chance of dropping, while the Extra Stage drops are limited to the monster that appears. Compared to the Extra Stage, the drop rate on Hard is much lower, and getting a drop is quite rare.

You can fuse normal versions of the monsters to raise their luck. For example, fusing a Thunderbird into Thunderbird S will raise its luck!

Good luck and Happy Hunting!

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