New Event Quest: X Awakens 2




Hey, Strikers!

Two oldies return, stronger than ever! Challenge the quest and pick up the X versions of these monsters!


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Period (ET)

9/3 12AM - 9/4 11:59PM

9/6 12AM - 11:59PM


Event Quest Bosses

5★ Panzer Xep1948.png

5★ Gunblaize Xep1956.png

Quest Details

During X Awakens 2, either 5★ Panzer X or 5★ Gunblaize X will appear! It requires 35 stamina to challenge X Awakens 2, which is only available on the Savage difficulty level. If you clear it without continuing, you’ll be able to play an Extra Stage — one that costs 0 stamina. There's a small chance of the Extra Stage appearing even if you continue. And beware: the Extra Stage is as difficult as Extreme difficulty quests!

The Extra Stage will feature either 5★ Panzer X or 5★ Gunblaize X randomly. You cannot continue during the Extra Stage, so make sure to bring your "X" game!

It’s possible to get the above 5★ monsters from Normal, Speed clear bonuses and luck bonuses. Compared to the Extra Stage, the drop rate on Savage is much lower, and getting a drop is quite rare. Keep in mind — No Continue bonuses do not yield the monsters. In otherwords, drops are not guaranteed even if you clear the Extra Stage without continuing.



The luck of 5★ Panzer X and 5★ Gunblaize can be raised by fusing their respective non-X versions. For example, 5★ Panzer X's luck can be raised by fusing 5★ Panzer into her.

Good luck and Happy Hunting!

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