New Event: United in the Name of Eggs (Beginner Friendly)





Hey, Strikers!

It's time to go on an egg hunt! Welcome to the Eggspedition Extravaganza! Information and fun tidbits for the event will be posted on Facebook, so make sure to check that out, too!


3/22 4PM - 4/11 3:59PM (ET)

Event Goals

- Play Eggspedition Extravaganza and collect all of the Egg Knights.

- Max the level of your Egg Knights by fusing Expies that drop from Eggspedition Extravaganza. Head to the Title Screen by tapping the Gear icon any time you need to refresh the Mission Log's data.

- Mission Log entries revolving around raising luck will unlock after the max level entry is complete.

- Raising the luck of any of the Egg Knights can fulfill the conditions. Using main monsters with more luck increases the chance of getting luck bonuses. A monster with 99-luck guarantees two luck bonuses!


Mission Log Entries

Clear Eggspedition Extravaganza Quest = Egg Knight Dusky x 1

Level MAX Egg Knight Dusky = Orb x 1

Get a 2-Luck Egg Knight = Egg Knight Dusky x 1, orb x 1

Get a 5-Luck Egg Knight = Egg Knight Dusky x 1

Get a 10-Luck Egg Knight = Orb x 1

Get a 25-Luck Egg Knight = Egg Knight Dusky x 1

Get a 50-Luck Egg Knight = Egg Knight Dusky x 2, orb x 1

Get a 75-Luck Egg Knight = Egg Knight Dusky x 3, orb x 2

Get a Max Luck Egg Knight = Ticket to Divine voucher x 1

-After maxing the level of Egg Knight Dusky or completing a luck entry, head to the Title Screen to refresh and mark the mission as complete.



Quest Details


Eggspedition Extravaganza costs 25 stamina per play. At least one hidden egg will appear in the quest--destroy the egg to get either 6★ Egg Knight Royal, 6★ Egg Knight Sage, 6★ Egg Knight Sunny, or 6★ Egg Knight Dusky. Play and complete the quest to get 6★ Egg Knight Scarlet, who only drops as a Local Co-op bonus.

The coolest part is that each Egg Knight has different abilities. Collect them all, and find uses for them in a variety of quests!

Elemental Deluxpies, Pennybacks, and Munnybacks will drop from Clear and Luck bonuses.

Quest Tips

- Take advantage of the event to expand the diversity of your Monster Box.

- Eggspedition Extravaganza can be a good way to collect EXP--fuse the Expies that drop into your Egg Knights to increase their level!

- Remember to sell the Pennybacks and Munnybacks for gold. Try not to use them in your team, though you're welcome to try!

- Play Local Co-op once and beat the quest to get 6★ Egg Knight Scarlet. He's a very useful monster!

- Fuse Egg Knights of the same element to raise luck!

- The quest will be either half stamina or have a luck bonus for the duration of the campaign.

- Egg Knights come in their final form. They cannot be evolved or ascended because they already come ready to use!


Login Bonuses

Get one orb and one Deluxpie daily by logging in!


Happy Hunting!





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