New Hatcher! Soaring Sweepers (Ends 7/14 11:59PM ET)




Hatcher Period

7/11 12AM - 7/14 11:59PM (ET)


Soaring Sweepers

Having trouble with pesky mines?

All 5★ monsters in this hatcher have either the Mine Sweeper or Flight ability.

Use Mine Sweeper to clear the field of explosive hazards and Flight to fly over mines altogether. 

Please note, some 5★ monsters will only unlock Flight or Mine Sweeper through evolution/ascension.


5☆ Monsters


Mundus Harley Apollo Tini Red-Hood Nonno
Loreley the Mermaid Malya Snappe Citran Golde Yggdrasil Loki
Osiris Kali Parvati Mozart Tokugawa Ieyasu
Aladdin Sherry Blawesome Cú Chulainn Zhang Fei Diviner Seimei
Cinderella Gulliver Romeo Sun Wukong Suzuran
Tanpopo Sakura Nezumi Kozo Musashibo Benkei Ali Baba
Hera Chronos Dorothy    


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