Striker Tribune: Ragnarok Convergence (Ends 8/22 11:59PM ET)




The fate of the gods rests in your hands… Continue reading for more information on the new event series!
A new feature, Clear Bonuses, will be introduced with this event. Clearing the Ragnarok Convergence quests on Extreme multiple times will now yield additional rewards.
To mark the new feature, this event will include the Feature Ten-Shot hatcher, which is a one-time only 10-shot that will guarantee at least one featured 5★ monster! Take advantage of this to add firepower to your monster box!
The event will start from 8/16 12AM (ET). For event quest times, remember to check View Schedule from the Event Quest screen.

Clear Bonus Notes

-Clear on Extreme to add to your count

-Even if you continue, clearing the quest will add to your count

-A clear will only count if you are playing solo or as the host

-Clear bonus rewards will only display one monster panel even if you got multiple at once. For example, if you get two monsters from a drop, and clear the Clear Bonus reward for three drops, you'll see three monster panels on the results screen. However, if you visit your monster box, you'll notice that you got a total of five monsters.


Event Goals

For Beginner Strikers

-Challenge the new Ragnarok Convergence event quests and complete Mission Log entries: beat the quests on Normal, Hard, and Savage difficulty first.

-Complete the quests as a host or solo to complete the entries. Quests marked as “From New Event Series!” are the ones you’ll want to beat.

-Possible Rewards: Normal=5 Sharls, Hard=1 Event Quest Monster, Savage=1 Orb


For Intermediate Strikers

-Clear all beginner striker goals above.

-Complete the Mission Log entries for Extreme quests.

-Possible Rewards: Savage=1 Extreme Quest Monster, Extreme=1 Orb

-Clear Extreme quests multiple times for Clear Bonuses: 3 clears=3 of the drop monster, 5 clears=5 of the drop monster, 10 clears=1 divine sharl


For Advanced Strikers

-Clear the Beginner and Intermediate goals above.

-Aim for a max luck monster.



Mission Log Entries


Periods (ET)

-Event Quest (8/16 12AM – 8/22 11:59PM)
-Sanma Extreme Quest (8/16 12AM – 8/22 8:59PM)
-Princess Nokko Extreme Quest (8/16 12AM – 8/22 11:59PM)
-Clear All Ragnarok Convergence Quests (8/16 12AM – 8/22 11:59PM)

-Watch YouTube Play Video (8/16 12AM - 8/22 11:59PM, and don't forget to subscribe!)


Login Bonuses

Celebrate Ragnarok Convergence by playing and logging in to get one orb daily!

Period (ET): 8/16 5AM - 8/23 4:59AM


Hatcher Period


8/16 12AM - 8/22 11:59PM (ET)


5★ Brynhildr

5★ Nibelung

5★ Thor

4★ Freyr

4★ Fafnir


5★ Monsters

For more information on all the 5☆ monsters available in the Hatcher, check here.


Monster Data

Brynhildr, Evolved


Brynhildr, Ascended

Materials: 3-Luck Sanma, 3-Luck Dragonfly





Nibelung, Evolved


Nibelung, Ascended

Materials: 3-Luck Princess Nokko, 2-Luck Sanma




Thor, Evolved


Thor, Ascended

Materials: 3-Luck Princess Nokko, 2-Luck Igagurinosuke







* Monsters don't come hypermaxed. Screenshots are there to show the power to which they can be hyperboosted.

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