New Hatcher! 2nd Anniversary Hatcher (Ends 11/19 11:59PM ET)




2nd Anniversary Hatcher

Thank you for voting in the 2nd Anniversary Fan Vote Hatcher promotion! And the votes are in—the winner is iMacK! The ten monsters in iMacK's hatcher will be featured in the 2nd Anniversary Hatcher and have their drop rates increased. There's more—we'll be adding exclusive monsters from the Legends and Guardians hatcher into the monster pool, but only for this hatcher!


There is also a Feature Ten-Shot, which will guarantee at least one of iMacK's featured 5★ monsters! This Feature Ten-Shot can be pulled TWICE and requires 50 orbs per pull.


Hatcher Period

11/15 12AM - 11/19 11:59PM (ET)


5★ Featured Monsters

- 5★ Sun Wukong

- 5★ Agnamut X

- 5★ Himiko

- 5★ Romeo

- 5★ Amakusa Shiro

- 5★ Kamui

- 5★ Lucy

- 5★ Daji

- 5★ Minamoto no Yoshitsune

- 5★ Eclipse

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