Striker Tribune: Theatrical Tales (Ends 1/10 11:59PM ET)





We are going to kick 2017 off with a new series: Theatrical Tales!

We'll be bringing the Feature 10-Shot for this new series. The Feature 10-Shot can only be used once per person and guarantees at least one 5★ featured monster!
The event will start from 1/4 12AM(ET). For event quest times, remember to check View Schedule from the Event Quest screen.


Clear Bonus Notes

-Clear on Extreme to add to your count

-Even if you continue, clearing the quest will add to your count

-A clear will only count if you are playing solo or as the host

-Clear bonus rewards will only display one monster panel even if you got multiple at once. For example, if you get two monsters from a drop, and clear the Clear Bonus reward for three drops, you'll see three monster panels on the results screen. However, if you visit your monster box, you'll notice that you got a total of five monsters.


Event Goals



For Beginner Strikers

-Challenge the new Theatrical Tales event quests and complete Mission Log entries: beat the quests on Normal, Hard, and Savage difficulty first.

-Complete the quests as a host or solo to complete the entries. Quests marked as “From New Event Series!” are the ones you’ll want to beat

-Possible Rewards: Normal=5 Sharls, Hard=1 Event Quest Monster, Savage=1 Orb


For Intermediate Strikers

-Clear all beginner striker goals above.

-Complete the Mission Log entries for Extreme quests.

-Possible Rewards: Savage=1 Extreme Quest Monster, Extreme=1 Orb


For Advanced Strikers

-Clear the Beginner and Intermediate goals above.

-Aim for a max luck monster.


Mission Log Entries

Periods (ET)

-Event Quest Mission Log Entries: 1/4 12AM – 1/10 11:59PM

-Briareus Extreme Quest Mission Log Entries: 1/4 12AM – 1/10 8:59PM

-Kay Extreme Quest Mission Log Entries: 1/4 12AM – 1/10 11:59PM

-Clear All Theatrical Tales Quests Mission Log Entries: 1/4 12AM – 1/10 11:59PM


Login Bonuses

Play and login to get one orb daily!

Period (ET): 1/4 4AM - 1/11 3:59AM


Hatcher Period

1/4 12AM - 1/10 11:59PM



5★ Artica the Snow Queen

5★ Don Quixote

5★ Phantom


5★ Monsters

For more information on all the 5★ monsters available in the Hatcher, check here.


Monster Data

Artica the Snow Queen, Evolved


Artica the Snow Queen, Ascended

Materials: 2-Luck Briareus, 3-Luck Kay
Don Quixote, Evolved
don quixote_evolved.PNG
Don Quixote, Ascended
Materials: 1-Luck Briareus, 3-Luck Kay, 2-Luck Prima Donna
don quixote_ascended.PNGba_stage14040.png
Phantom, Evolved
Phantom, Ascended
Materials: 3-Luck Briareus, 2-Luck Director Monsieur




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