New Event Series: Eastern Journey (10/17-10/23)




Event Goal

For Beginner Strikers

  1. Check the Mission Log after the event starts. You'll find an entry to clear one of the new event quests on Hard.
  2. Clear the quest on Hard either as the host or solo. Then return to your Mission Log to and get the reward (a free monster.)
  3. Try your hand at Savage if you're feeling confident. Clearing all difficulties — Normal, Hard and Savage — as the host or solo will yield 1 Orb.

For Intermediate Strikers

  1. Clear the Beginner goals above.
  2. Challenge event quests that have both a Savage and Extreme difficulty. These will yield stronger monsters, but are more difficult to complete.
  3. Get the new Extreme quest monsters. Drop rates are higher on Extreme compared to Savage. Plus, if you can beat the quest on Extreme without continuing the monster is guaranteed to drop.

For Advanced Strikers

  1. Clear the Beginner and Intermediate goals above.
  2. Aim for a Max Luck monster.


New Event Series: Eastern Journey

Continue reading for more information on the new event series! The event will start from 10/17 (ET). For event quest times, remember to check the in-game schedule, or the schedule on the home page! Here's a play video of "Devil from the Depths", a new quest in the series!







Hatcher Period

10/17 - 10/23 (ET)


Featured Monsters



5☆ Sun Wukong - Ascendable

5☆ Zhu Bajie - Ascendable

5☆ Sanzang Fashi - Ascendable

4☆ Shā Wùjìng

4☆ Yulong


5☆ Monsters

For more information on all the 5☆ monsters available in the Hatcher, check here.


4☆ Monsters

All 4☆ monsters in the Hatcher will come with bonus luck.


Monster Data

Sun Wukong, Evolved

Sun Wukong_evolved.png

Sun Wukong, Ascended

Materials: 3-Luck Bull Demon King, 2-Luck Princess Iron Fan

Sun Wukong_ascended.png








Zhu Bajie, Evolved

Zhu Bajie_evolved.png

Zhu Bajie, Ascended

Materials: 3-Luck Bull Demon King, 3-Luck Silver Horn

Zhu Bajie_ascended.png





Sanzang Fashi, Evolved

Sanzang Fashi_evolved.png

Sanzang Fashi, Ascended

Materials: 3-Luck Princess Iron Fan, 2-Luck Golden Horn, 2-Luck Silver Horn

Sanzang Fashi_ascended.png











Shā Wùjìng, Evolved

Shā Wùjìng_evolved.png



Yulong, Evolved






* Monsters don't come hypermaxed. Screenshots are there to show the power to which they can be hyperboosted.


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