New Impossible Quest: The Moon's Eternal Dreamer, Featuring Tsukuyomi



Hey, Strikers!

A new Impossible difficulty quest is coming! Tsukuyomi has descended, taking all the hearts with her.ba_stage12050.pngThe Monster Strike Team challenges her as she descends from the moon! Check out the video — you’ll find some cool tips about the quest, and a promotion code too!

This quest is No-Continue, so if you die, you won’t be able to use an Orb to revive! One play also costs 60 stamina, so make sure to rank up to raise your maximum stamina!

5★ Tsukuyomi

ep1641.pngClear the quest for a chance to get 5★ Tsukuyomi, a dark element monster, who you can evolve to the monster below:

6★ Moon Reverie Tsukuyomi


Unlike some Extreme quests, clearing The Moon's Eternal Dreamer does not guarantee a Tsukuyomi drop. She can drop from Normal, Speed, and Luck Bonuses. Even if you don't get Tsukuyomi, there's plenty of other loot to tide you over! Remember: in this quest there are no hearts, making the ways you can heal limited.

Appearance Times (ET)
8/14 10PM - 11:59PM
8/15 7PM - 8:59PM
8/16 10PM - 11:59PM
8/17 7PM - 8:59PM

Tsukuyomi will be placed into the quest pool so if you miss her this time, don't worry — there will always be a next time.

Happy Hunting!

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