New Impossible Quest:The Water-Walking Prince: Zero, Featuring Yamato Takeru: Zero












A new Impossible difficulty quest is just around the corner!


Quest Details

This quest is No-Continue, so if you die, it's all over. One play also costs 60 stamina, so make sure to rank up to raise your maximum stamina!
Clear the quest for a chance to get 5★ Yamato Takeru: Zero, a Water element monster, who you can evolve to 6★ Grand Yamato Takeru: Zero.
5★ Yamato Takeru: Zero
6★ Grand Yamato Takeru: Zero
Clearing "The Water-Walking Prince: Zero" does not guarantee a Yamato Takeru: Zero drop, unless you are playing Local Co-op. The drop is guaranteed if you beat the quest through Local Co-op. He can also drop from Normal, Speed, and Luck Bonuses. Even if you don't get Yamato Takeru: Zero, there's plenty of other loot to tide you over!

Appearance Time

- Day 1: 2/18 7PM - 8:59PM
- Day 2: 2/19 10PM - 11:59PM
- Day 3: 2/20 7PM - 8:59PM
Yamato Takeru: Zero will be placed into the quest pool so if you miss them this time, don't worry — there will always be a next time.
Happy Hunting!


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