New Promotion: The Legend of Jack




Jack's never been an altruistic kind of man, but he's trying to turn a new leaf. Help Jack in his quest to sate the world's sweet tooth by collecting candy!


Promotion Overview



Event Period (ET)

10/18 - 10/31 11:59 PM


1) Collect candy (they will spawn like hearts) that appear in the quests "A Call Unto Darkness" and "Night at the Candy Store".

2) Go to your Mission Log to claim 5★ Stingy Jack from completed candy collecting missions. The pictures below count for 1, 2, and 3 candies when you get them, respectively.


3a) Ascend 5★ Stingy Jack by collecting Green Cackling Pumpkins, Light Cackling Pumpkins and Halloween Expies.

3b) Ascend 5★ Herald of Death by collecting Stingy Jacks and Halloween Expies.
4a) Raise your ascended 5★ Stingy Jack (6★ Bootstrap Jack/6★ Chainbound Jack) into a max luck monster

4b) Raise your ascended 5★ Herald of Death (6★ Rippin' Reaper Jack) into a max luck monster.

*Up to 30 candies can be collected in one play through of a quest.
*Candies will be added to your count upon completion of the quest.

*Mission log entries will disappear at 10/31 11:59PM (ET). Any candies that are gained by completing a stage after the mission deadline will not be counted.

*Cleared mission log entries will be claimable for a month after the event ends.


Promotion Quests



Herald of Death will drop in clear, luck, and local bonuses. She's a guaranteed drop from local bonuses. There is also a chance that you'll find a Halloween Expie sneaking around your clear bonuses!


Appearance Times (ET)

Oct. 18, 8am - 9:59am
Oct. 18, 1pm - 2:59pm
Oct. 18, 7pm - 8:59pm
Oct. 19, 8am - 9:59am
Oct. 19, 4pm - 5:59pm
Oct. 19, 10pm - 11:59pm
Oct. 20, 8am - 9:59am
Oct. 20, 1pm - 2:59pm
Oct. 20, 7pm - 8:59pm
Oct. 21, 8am - 9:59am
Oct. 21, 4pm - 5:59pm
Oct. 21, 10pm - 11:59pm
Oct. 22, 8am - 9:59am
Oct. 22, 1pm - 2:59pm
Oct. 22, 7pm - 8:59pm (Half Stamina)
Oct. 23, 8am - 9:59am
Oct. 23, 4pm - 5:59pm
Oct. 23, 10pm - 11:59pm (Half Stamina)
Oct. 24, 8am - 9:59am
Oct. 24, 1pm - 2:59pm
Oct. 24, 7pm - 8:59pm
Oct. 25, 8am - 9:59am
Oct. 25, 4pm - 5:59pm
Oct. 25, 10pm - 11:59pm
Oct. 26, 8am - 9:59am
Oct. 26, 1pm - 2:59pm
Oct. 26, 7pm - 8:59pm
Oct. 27, 8am - 9:59am
Oct. 27, 4pm - 5:59pm
Oct. 27, 10pm - 11:59pm
Oct. 28, 8am - 9:59am
Oct. 28, 1pm - 2:59pm
Oct. 28, 7pm - 8:59pm
Oct. 29, 8am - 9:59am
Oct. 29, 4pm - 5:59pm
Oct. 29, 10pm - 11:59pm
Oct. 30, 8am - 9:59am
Oct. 30, 1pm - 2:59pm
Oct. 30, 7pm - 8:59pm (Half Stamina)
Oct. 31, 8am - 9:59am
Oct. 31, 4pm - 5:59pm
Oct. 31, 9pm - 10:59pm (Half Stamina)



Clear the stage to get a Halloween Expie as a boss drop reward! You can also get Halloween Expies from local, clear, and luck bonuses.


Appearance Times (ET)

Oct. 18, 10pm - 10:59pm
Oct. 19, 8pm - 8:59pm
Oct. 20, 11pm - 11:59pm
Oct. 21, 7pm - 7:59pm
Oct. 22, 10pm - 10:59pm
Oct. 23, 8pm - 8:59pm
Oct. 24, 11pm - 11:59pm
Oct. 25, 8pm - 8:59pm
Oct. 26, 10pm - 10:59pm
Oct. 27, 7pm - 7:59pm

Oct. 28, 11pm - 11:59pm
Oct. 29, 1pm - 1:59pm
Oct. 30, 11am - 11:59am (Half Stamina)
Oct. 31, 8pm - 8:59pm (Half Stamina)

Promotion Monsters and Luck

Jack's fate lies in your hands. Down which road will you take him?






Take Jack on a path to greater good by ascending him into Chainbound Jack, or leave him on the path of mischief by ascending him into Bootstrap Jack! Raise the luck of Bootstrap Jack and Chainbound Jack by fusing copies of Stingy Jack!





Will you be the one to play one last trick on Death? Hijack the Herald of Death and let 'er rip! Raise the luck of Rippin' Reaper Jack by fusing copies of the Herald of Death.


Mission Bonuses

  • More than 200+ Stingy Jacks
  • A special Halloween title
  • Dragon Gems
  • Orbs, a divine sharl, and King Mormite


Daily Login Bonuses

Log in daily and get one Halloween Expie, one orb, and one Stingy Jack daily!

Period (ET): 10/18 5AM - 11/1 4:59AM


Last Push Play Bonus
Get Green and Light Cackling Pumpkins as play bonuses by playing during the period below!

Period (ET)
10/27 5AM - 11/1 4:59AM

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