New Promotion: The Mirror's Reign of Terror





A new promotion will start on 7/4. Beware of soul-stealing mirrors…

We’ll also be posting about the event on Facebook. Keep an eye out for some event tidbits and story!



Event Overview: New Event, “Soul, Soul Sorry!”



Period (ET): 7/4 12AM – 7/18 11:59PM

-Collect 5★ Lifeless Statues from the Dream Hatcher and aim to Max Luck 6★ Mist, Valkyrie of the Clouds
-There are a total of three difficulties: Normal, Hard, and Savage. Local Co-op bonuses on Normal will yield one dream sharl, on Hard two, and on Savage three.


Dream Hatcher



Period (ET): 7/4 12AM – 7/19 11:59PM
*One dream sharl is used per pull

Available in the Dream Hatcher:
-5★ Lifeless Statue (comes randomly with 1-5 Luck)
-Assorted mix of 4★ and 5★ event monsters

Promotion Missions

New Mission Log entries will be available for the promotion.

1) Clear “Soul, Soul Sorry!”
Clear Normal: Five dream sharls
Clear Hard: 5★ Lifeless Statue
Clear Savage: Ten dream sharls

2) Max 5★ Lifeless Statue's Level
Reward: 20 dream sharls

3) Raise 5★ Lifeless Statue’s/6★ Mist’s Luck
2-Luck: +25 Monster Box space
5-Luck: 20 dream sharls
10-Luck: 5★ Lifeless Statue, 20 dream sharls
15-Luck: One divine sharl
25-Luck: +25 Monster Box space
50-Luck: 40 dream sharls
75-Luck: One divine sharl, one orb
Max Luck: One Fire Dragon Gem, One Blue Dragon Gem, One Green Dragon Gem
*If your Monster Box space has already reached the maximum allowed, the extra box space will be converted to orbs.


Other Goodies

Login Bonuses (Five Dream Sharls Daily)
Period (ET): 7/4 5AM – 7/19 4:59AM

Daily Local Co-op Prize
Contents will change to reflect the ongoing promotion.
Period (ET): 7/4 5AM – 7/19 4:59AM


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