New Quest: Atsui Cherry Bomb, Featuring Princess Sakuya




Let's get festive! Princess Sakuya dances, spreading the joy of cherry blossoms around Planet Monster Strike. Watch as MS Studio gives a sneak peak of the quest:

5★ Princess Sakuya

There are four difficulty levels: Normal, Hard, Savage, and Extreme. If you beat Extreme without continuing, you'll be able to play an Extra Stage. Even if you continue on the Extreme stage, there'll be a small chance that you can still move on to the Extra Stage. The harder the difficulty you challenge, the higher the drop rate of 5★ Princess Sakuya.

Princess Sakuya can drop from Normal, Speed, and Luck Bonuses. She doesn't drop from No Continue bonuses, and remember — Princess Sakuya is also not a guaranteed drop.


Appearance Times (ET):

5/30 12AM - 5/31 11:59PM

6/5 12AM - 6/7 11:59PM

6/12 12AM - 6/14 11:59PM


Happy Hunting!

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