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Oragon Mission Issue (Update, Fixed)



The issue has been fixed. You can now complete the mission to get Oragon! Strikers who completed the mission log entry and had Sweedle should now have Oragon instead. If it's still Sweedle, try returning to the Title Screen once to refresh your data. And don't forget to lock Oragon!

Hey, Strikers!

There's been a confirmed bug with Oragon after you finish his mission. He becomes a Sweedle and isn't functioning correctly. Furthermore, you'll get an error if you try and take him on a quest. Please avoid doing so until we fix the issue.

While we're fixing the issue, the Mission Log entry has been hidden. We'll reopen the entry after the issue's been fixed. For those affected by crash issues still, Oragon's Mission Log entry has an end date set years in the future, so you won't miss out on him.

Thanks for your patience. 

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