Other Version 8.0 Information (Update:2/6)



Hey, Strikers!

Here are a few important bits of information on Version 8.0

Friend Hatcher Issue

When pulling from the Friend Hatcher, some users will get a pop-up message stating their Monster Box is full, despite having some room to spare. If you go to a different screen and come back to the Friend Hatcher, you will be able to pull the Hatcher.

We plan to resolve this issue in a future version up. 


Co-op Issue

Some iOS users will receive a pop-up message saying you cannot receive New Striker Bonuses because push notifications are disabled despite push notifications being enabled. Please be assured that you will receive the rewards.

New Striker Bonus Renewal, Removal of All Missions Prior to Version 8.0 (Including "Local Co-op with Potential Friend"/"Add In-game Friend")

New Striker Bonuses will be reset and added to the game again. All Missions prior to Version 8.0 will disappear with the new update (including "Local Co-op with Potential Friend" and "Add In-game Friend"). If you have any unclaimed rewards, please claim them as they’ll disappear after the update.

New Striker Bonuses

All Missions prior to Version 8.0 (Make sure to claim any unclaimed rewards!)


Delay for Some of the New Trial Quests

Due to an issue with some of the new Trial Quests, we'll only be releasing a portion of the new Quests at the Version 8.0 launch.


Back Up Issues

Some iOS users may encounter a white screen when trying to back up. If this happens, please log out of your Google account and log in again. Reopening the back up confirmation screen using the Safari icon on the bottom right corner is another possible fix method.

There is also a separate issue where attempting to back up using the same Google Account will cause the Gamer ID to be displayed as numbers.


Removal of the Daily Local Co-op Prize

The Daily Local Co-op Prize will be removed with the update to Version 8.0.


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