Regarding iOS 9.0 (UPDATE 9/29)



Hey Strikers!

We have confirmed that issues may arise when playing co-op via LINE after updating your iOS device to version 9.0. Facebook and WhatsApp may be affected as well.

If you actively use LINE or other social media platforms for co-op, we highly recommend waiting to update to iOS 9.0 for the time being. We will release another announcement once we are sure things will run smoothly.

Please direct any inquiries regarding iOS 9.0 to Apple.

Happy Hunting!

Previously LINE had been confirmed to have issues with co-op play in iOS9.0. This has now been fixed. Currently, LINE is working normally in iOS9.0.

*Please direct questions regarding the iOS9.0 update to Apple. Furthermore, the decision to update to iOS9.0 is up to the user.

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