Return to Standard Time



Hey, Strikers!

Daylight Saving Time is ending and returning to Standard Time on November 1st 2AM (depending on your time zone). We'll be making a few tweaks to accommodate the time change.

Event Quest Schedule
The times on your event quest schedule will change when your device switches over to Standard Time again. That means that some times may vary and be inaccurate, depending on your time zone, at least until your device reverts to standard time.

Places That May Be Affected
-(Updates) In-game event schedule
-(Event Schedule) Upcoming, underway, ended
-Home page event schedule
-Weekend Local Co-op Quest (There will be no Local Co-op quest on the day of the return to Standard Time.)

Login Reset Time
During Daylight Saving, the reset time is 5AM (ET). After returning to Standard Time, the login reset time will change to 4AM (ET).
*Same for the reset time on weekly missions.

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